Monday 5 June 2017

A New Way For Install Linux On Android With Only Terminal Emulator

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Dosto aaj hum ek new trick sikhenge jisse hum only terminal emulator ka use karke Linux install kar sakte hai....

Requirements :

  1. Terminal Emulator (Download From Play Store)
  2. Linux Image File Size Only 95mb (Download)
  3. 2gb Free Space In Memory 
  4. Mobile Must Be Rooted
Steps To Install Linux :-
  1. Dosto sabse pehle to Jo file download kari hai I think approx 95mb ki file hogi , use aap extract karlo.
  2. Extract karne ke baad 2gb ka data nikalega use sdcard me hi rakhna hai.
  3. Dhyaan rahe ki ek folder hoga Linux naam ka use sdcard me bahar hi rakna 
  4. Then ab terminal emulator app open karo and type karo ya command daalo su
  5. Then ab command dalo cd /sdcard/linux
  6. Ab command dalo sh
  7. Agar koi error Na aaye and last me likha ho ki INSTALLED ya installation Finished , to iska matlab Linux install ho gya hai
Steps To Use GUI With VNC Viewer :-
  1. Agar Linux ko GUI me use karna hai to first aap Play Store Se Vnc Viewer download Kare
  2. Then terminal emulator open kare and command dale su 
  3. Then command dale linux vnc 
  4. Ab first time aapse password create karne ke liye pucha jayega 
  5. Aapko kuch bhi password create karna hai and use yaad rakna hai (Note :- jab aap password enter karoge to vo show nahi hoga isliye darna nahi ye koi error nahi hai , aap bss password daaldena)
  6. Ab aapko VNC Viewer app open karna hai and right bottom me ek green colour ka plus icon hoga use click karna hai
  7. Then aapko address me localhost::5901 and name me localhost daalna hai.
  8. And connect karlena hai bss ...

Note : ye process kuch Android phones me error show kar sakta hai to isme koi problem nahi hai...aapko koi bhi problem aaye to comment section me pooch sakte hai ...I will solve your prob...
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  1. Hi first of all I will thank u for all good things u sharing it's very informative and helpful

    Sab kuch thik tha installing Ubuntu and VNC tak fir terminal se linux vnc command diya toh error aaya

    Mounting: Prepwork ...
    Usage: mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory
    Mounting: Loopback mount ...
    mknod: mknod /dev/block/loop254 failed: File exists
    losetup: /dev/block/loop254=/storage/emulated/0/linux/linux.img: Device or resource busy
    mount: Invalid argument
    Mounting: Setting up chroot environment ...
    mount: No such file or directory
    mount: No such file or directory
    mount: No such file or directory
    mount: No such file or directory
    mkdir: '/data/local/mnt/media/sdcard': No such file or directory
    mount: No such file or directory
    [ Done ]
    chroot: exec /root/scripts/ No such file or directory

    Plz help what to do

  2. Stating wale command pe problem aare h.
    Cd/sdcard/ wale he.
    Error aara hai k "sh: cd/sdcard/linix: not found