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Saturday 5 September 2020

Learn Bash From Scratch In Hindi In Termux


Hey guys so if you are reading this post trust me you are going to change yourself into a cold blooded programmer.

You need only one thing i.e TERMUX. Here you can learn bash programming language without computer or laptop. Just an android phone.

Yes, i am sharing my whole playlist of bash series which is in hindi language. I recieved lots of positive feedbacks for this series and i am damn sure you will enjoy it :)

And don't forget to subscribe my channel because i will add more videos on bash until world ends.

So here is Link of Playlist 

Click here

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Saturday 11 March 2017

Scripting For Hacker Part-2 In Hindi (Saturday Special)

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Dosto Aaj Saturday Hai And Me Each Saturday Bash Scripting Ka Ek Concept Clear Karta Hu...

Chaliye Dekhte Hai....

Dosto Aaj Hum Baat Karenge VARIABLES Ke Baare Me ...

So , What Is Variables ?

  • Dosto VARIABLES humari system (computer) memory ki vo location hoti jaha hum apna data save karte hai. Means agar hume apni script me koi bhi value use karni hai to sabse pehle use kahi memory me save karna padega ...
  • To iske liye hum variables ka use karte hai, iss process ko declaration process kehte hai...
  • apni script me agar hume kisi variable ko declare karna hai to uska syntax esa hoga :- variable_name=value *For Example agar hume apni script me "hello" print karna hai to hum usko ek variable ki help se print kar sakte hai :-

  • uppar code me first line ka meaning to me aapko apni previous post me bata chuka hu (agar aapne part-1 nahi dekha hai to aap pehle use dekhe)and second line mene var1=hello likha hai iska meaning ye hai ki mene ek variable declare kiya hai jiska name hai var1 and uski value mene di hai hello jiska meaning ye hua ki ab humari script jab execute hogi tab var1 me hello save ho jayega (mene aapko pehle hi bataya ki variable ka use hum apni values or data ko save karane ke liye karte hai).
  • Vese aap apne variable ka name kuch bhi rakh sakte hai.
Some Instructions On Using Variables :
  • Variable Ki declaration always alphanumeric ya underscore( _ ) se start honi chahye.
  • Variable Me Hum Jab Koi Value Ya Data Save Karate Hai Tab Hum Assignment Operator Ka Use Karte Hai and hume iss baat ka dhyaan dena hai ki assignment operator se pehle ya baad me koi space nahi hona chahye. For Example var1=hello ( It is Right) But var1 =hello or var1= hello (both are wrong).
  • Variables Names CASE sensitive hote hai means capital and small letters dono different hote hai For Example VAR1=hii and var1=hello (both are different ) agar aap var1 print karate hai to hello print hoga and jab aap VAR1 print karayenge to hii hoga
Dosto To Aaj Humne Jo Bhi Sikha Use Aap Ek Baar Practice Jarur Karna And Ese Hi Me (devil) Aapke Liye Har Saturday Ek New Concept Clear Karunga Or Aap Agar Daily 1 hour Bhi Practice Kare To Aapko Ek Ethical Hacker Banne Se Koi Nahi Rok Sakta...

Agar Aapko Ye Post Best Lagi To Please Aap Comment Karna Na Bhoole.!!

Note :- Agar Aapko Iss Post Se Related Koi Bhi Problem Ho To Aap Comment Me Pooch Sakte Hai.
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Hack SiTe Using SQL Injection Fully Explained With Practical Video In Hindi By Hax4Us

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Dosto Aaj Me Aapko Bataunga SQL Injection Ke Baare Me Ki Ye Kese Karte Hai And Isko Perform Karne Ki Kya Conditions Hoti Hai.

Dosto Me Jyada Nahi Likha Hai And Only Practical Karke Dikhaya Hai ....

Click Here To Watch SQL Tutorial 

Disclaimer : Iss SQL Injection Tutorial Ka Galat Use Na Kare Nahi To Iske Jimmedar Aap Honge...(Please Don't Use Our Video Technique For Illegal Activities Otherwise You Will Be Responsible For Your Condition.
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Friday 3 March 2017

Scripting For Hacker Part-1 In Hindi

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Hax4Us Bash Scripting
Dosto Aaj Saturday Hai And Aajse Hum Scripting Ke Baare Me Padenge...

Chaliye Dekhte Hai...

As the BASH shell is available on nearly all Linux and UNIX distributions (including Mac OS X, BackTrack, and Kali), we will be using the BASH shell, exclusively.

Requirents :

Steps :

  1. First Aapko Need Hai Ek Text Editor Ki To Aap Sabse Pehle Use Download Kar Lijiye (Agar Aap Windows User Hai To Me Aapko Notepad Suggest Karunga And Android User Hai To Me Aapko Jota Text Editor Suggest Karunga.
  2. Ab Aap Apna Text Editor Open Kare (We Will Using JoTA Text Editor In This Tutorial)
  3. Hum Sabse Pehle Ek Small Script Banayege Jo Ek Message Return Karega "Hello, Hax4Us" 
  4. To Ab Hum Humari Script Ki Fist Line Start Karega Shebang or #! . Shebang Symbol #! Humare Operating System Ko Ye Batata Hai Ki Ab Iss Symbol Ke Baad Jo Bhi Type Karenge Vo Humara Interpreter Hoga.
  5. Frr Hum Type Karege /bin/bash . Iska mean Ye Hai Ki Humne Operating System Ko Bata Diya Hai Ki Hum Bash Shell Interpreter Use Karenge. Ab Humari Line Kuch Iss Tarah Dikhegi :- #! /bin/bash
  6. Ab Next Line Me Hum type Karenge echo , Ye Linux Ki Ek Command Hai Jiska Use Repeat Back Or Return Back Karne Ke Liye Kiya Jata Hai Means echo command Same Printf Ki Tarah Work Karti Hai And Printf To Pata Hi Hoga Sabhi Ko Agar Nahi Pata To Mere C Language Ke Tutorial Dekhe. To Matlab Hum echo Ke Baad Jo bhi likhenge vo return back screen par show hoga , like hum yaha likhege :- echo"Hello, Hax4Us" (Ek Baat Dhyaan Dijiyega Ki echo Ke Baad Hum Jo bhi message print karna chahte hai vo quotation marks "" ke bich me aayega.
  7. Ab humari Script kuch iss tarah dikhegi :- 
    Hax4Us Bash Scripting
  8. To Ab Isse Aap Run Kar Sakte Hai..
  9. Run Karne Ke Liye Apni Script Save Kare (Me Yaha Android Mobile Me Run Karne Ka Example De Raha Hu agar aap kisi or platform par run karna chahte to aap comment me pooch sakte hai.)
  10. Ab Aap Terminal Emulator Download Kare Jo Play Store Pe Bhi Available Hai.
  11. And Maan Lijiye Meri Script Mere Sdcard Me Ek Folder Hai Hax4us Naam se usme save hai and meri script file ka naam Hai "HAX".
  12. To Ab Terminal Me Niche Di Gayi Command Daaliye :- cd sdcard/Hax4Us
    Hax4Us Bash Scripting
  13. And frr enter kardijiye .
    Hax4Us Bash Scripting
  14. Ab Aap command dale :- sh HAX
  15. Enter.
    Hax4Us Bash Scripting
  16. Ab Aapki Script Run Ho Chuki Hai. 

To Aaj Humne Bash Scripting Ke Basic And Creation Ke Baare Me Baat Kari And Aage Bhi Esi Hi Simple Hindi Me Teach Karta Rahunga *So Support Us* Jyada Nahi To Aap Mera Fb page Hi Like Kar Sakte Hai (click here)

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Note :- Agar Aapko Iss Post Se Related Koi Bhi Problem Hai To Aap Comment Me Pooch Sakte Hai.
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Sunday 26 February 2017

Scripting For Hacker Starting From Today (Hax4Us)

Dosto Muje Personal Me Bahut Saare Messages Aaye The Ki Sir Aap Bash Script Pe Koi Tutorial Kyo Ni Start Karte ....

So Today I Am Decided To Start A Program Or New Article About Bash Scripting For Hackers.

In These Tutorials , We Will Study About Bash Scripting , What Is This And How To Create Our Own Script To Automate Any Task .

And Keep In Mind That It Is Like A Advanced Tool For Any Hacker .

Each Saturday I Will Clear One Concept On Bash Scripting And One Day You Will Be A Great Hacker ...But It Is Very Important For Newbies That Please Keep Patience And Daily Practice At Least 1 Hour In A Day.

Types of Shells

A shell is an interface between the user and the operating system. This enables us to run commands, programs, manipulate files, etc.
There are a number of different shells available for Linux. These include the Korn shell, the Z shell, the C shell, and the Bourne again shell (or BASH).

As the BASH shell is available on nearly all Linux and UNIX distributions (including Mac OS X, BackTrack, and Kali), we will be using the BASH shell, exclusively.
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Note 2 :- I Am Getting Confuse That In Which Language , I Should Create Tutorials So Please Leave Your Comments Cum Votes ..Only Type Your Comfort Language Like English Or Hindi..
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