Sunday 26 February 2017

Scripting For Hacker Starting From Today (Hax4Us)

Dosto Muje Personal Me Bahut Saare Messages Aaye The Ki Sir Aap Bash Script Pe Koi Tutorial Kyo Ni Start Karte ....

So Today I Am Decided To Start A Program Or New Article About Bash Scripting For Hackers.

In These Tutorials , We Will Study About Bash Scripting , What Is This And How To Create Our Own Script To Automate Any Task .

And Keep In Mind That It Is Like A Advanced Tool For Any Hacker .

Each Saturday I Will Clear One Concept On Bash Scripting And One Day You Will Be A Great Hacker ...But It Is Very Important For Newbies That Please Keep Patience And Daily Practice At Least 1 Hour In A Day.

Types of Shells

A shell is an interface between the user and the operating system. This enables us to run commands, programs, manipulate files, etc.
There are a number of different shells available for Linux. These include the Korn shell, the Z shell, the C shell, and the Bourne again shell (or BASH).

As the BASH shell is available on nearly all Linux and UNIX distributions (including Mac OS X, BackTrack, and Kali), we will be using the BASH shell, exclusively.
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  1. Use hindi as it is easy to understand for most of the usera...i guess....

  2. English plz. Iam just getting into hacking and love your site. My first time using termux was to install kali nethunter. Iam a noob but I have a serious drive to learn everything there is to know about computers systems and hacking. So plz put out as much knowledge as you can in English. It is much appreciated. Thank you