Thursday 2 February 2017

(Latest) A New Way For Hacking Facebook Using Key logging Technique Trick By Hax4Us

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How to hack Facebook
  • The last step open any app where you can open keyword like the message to some or opera mini browser. Scroll notification bar and tap on choose Input method and select English (Us) simple IME as shown in the screenshot.
  • Now you are ready to view keywords type by victim open shadow and chose View log in HTML viewer
If you install it in victim phone then make sure you hide it you can hide it with the launcher like nova launcher and if can’t hide then apply password on it. To apply password open shadow→AUTHENTICATE
Tip: If your victim has messenger then go to settings→apps→messanger and clear data it will log out this account from messenger and he should login his account again
How to secure your account being hacked
  • Never login in your friend’s mobile if urgent Check keyword before login it should look like normal.
  • Install only trusted apps there are some apps available which can steal your information there is no scan in the play store so hackers can submit their apps easily.
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