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Saturday 23 January 2021

Hack Facebook With Nodemcu and Android


What can be the effective way of phising ? 

Lots of ideas are in your mind :) So in my.

I think the best way would be "Using Hotspot".

Just Turn On your Hotspot and wait for voracious guys ( in my locality there are many )

So when victim will connect to Our Hotspot , "A fake login page of Facebook or whatever you like" will open automatically in browser, and if victim want to use your Internet then he will have to enter asked credentials  just like Any Public WiFi.

**And this technique can also be used for WiFi Hacking.**

But this type of hack just from your Android device is currently not possible ( except rooted devices ) 

But We can use some sort of WiFi module to achieve it. 

Usually we don't have rooted devices and hence later method is suitable for everyone.

Requirements : 

All Steps Are In Given Video 

Download/Watch Video

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Friday 5 January 2018

How To Edit Recovery Images Or Boot Images From Android


Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

Here I am introducing an amazing all-in-one app for extract .img files like recovery or boot images files.

Android Image Kitchen is a popular tool for Linux and ported to android in the form of Apk :)


Due to the fragmentations among Android vendors, this app may or may not work with your boot image, and don't be frustrated when it does not. I am also not responsible for any damage to your phone.

BOOT/RECOVERY: Use this tool to unpack/repack a boot/recovery image. This part is built on top of osm0sis's Android image kitchen but added support for some MTK devices. You can use "dd" or apps such as "Flashify" to flash image back.

SYSTEM: Make sure you have root and a loop device enabled kernel to make the magic happen.  If the system image is a sparse image, the app will try to convert it to a raw image in the same directory  and then mount the raw image; if the system image is a raw image, the app will mount it directly. You can use "dd" to flash image back.

EDITING: You can edit plain text files with the built in file editor or your favorite file editors such as "QuickEdit" or "DroidEditor". You can also view images from the built in image viewer or other viewers. If you want to edit image or binary files, you need to first export the files out and edit them with other apps. "HexEditor" has a limitation which prevents this app from sending binaries for direct editing.

From where should i install ?

Go to play store :)
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Saturday 2 September 2017


Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

Yes , ye possible hai..hum apne TERMUX me KALI-NETHUNTER install kr sakte hai
..without rooted phone...!!

Requirements :-
  • Termux App (Obvious)
  • Must Be My Subscriber😂
To Aapko Kuch khaas ni krna hai , only mere steps follow karne hai & koi bhi error aata hai to group me screenshot de sakte hai

Steps :-

  1. Open Termux & execute :- apt update && apt upgrade
  2. Goto Home :- cd $HOME
  3. Download my script :- curl -LO
  4. Give execution permission by executing :- chmod +x kalinethunter
  5. Now execute my script :- ./kalinethunter
  6. After Process Complete , you can execute : startkali
  7. Last step to get keys but remember you will have to execute this command in Nethunter not in Termux apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 7D8D0BF6

I hope ye tutorial aapko acha laga hoga..!!

Plz comment karna mat bhoolna ...aapke bhai ki izzat ka sawal hai..😂

Note :- This is not universally tested so it may be install in your phone or not ...just try your luck...!! And if you are facing any problem...Open Issue In Github :)
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Tuesday 8 August 2017


Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

Update :- Now java 9 can be installed in termux without root click here for guide 

Yes , ye possible hai..hum apne TERMUX me java install kar sakte hai..and ye bahut badi achievement hai....bcz now we can also install apktool....can decompile and recompile process.

Requirements :-
  • Phone Must Be Rooted (SuperSu Recommended)
  • Termux App (Obvious)
  • Must Be My Subscriber😂
To Aapko Kuch khaas ni krna hai , only mere steps follow karne hai & koi bhi error aata hai to group me screenshot de sakte hai

Steps :-
  1. Download & Install Apktool App (Click Here)
  2. Download Java File (Click Here)
  3. Open TERMUX App & install *tsu* package (how to install ?) Just execute this command :- apt install tsu
  4. Remember you can use Termux-Sudo instead of tsu...
  5. Now Assuming tsu is installed and then type this command :- tsu -p
  6. Then type this command :- mount -o remount,rw /system
  7. Then copy downloaded Java file in your system/bin folder by executing this command & remembered me ye assume kar raha hu ki Aapne Java File ko Chrome se download kiya hai Jo download folder me hai :- cp /sdcard/Download/java /system/bin
  8. Then change permission :- chmod 777 /system/bin/java
  9. Then remount system in r/o mode :- mount -o remount,ro /system
  10. Now you can type this command for Java :- java
  11. And to check your java version :- java -version

Next tutorial me hum apktool install karenge so...I hope ye tutorial aapko acha laga hoga

Plz comment karna mat bhoolna ...aapke bhai ki izzat ka sawal hai..😂

Note :- Uppar di gayi sabhi commands ko aap one by one type karenge & you can type each command manually or can copy & paste in TERMUX.
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Monday 31 July 2017

How To Install Metasploit In Android Using Termux Without Root

Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

Dosto aaj hum apne android mobile me Metasploit ko install karenge Vo bhi...Without Root...Yes...It Is possible...

Just Follow My Steps...

  1. Install Termux App From Playstore
  2. Open App & Wait While Installing
  3. Hit the command :-> apt update && apt upgrade
  4. Then Enter or copy the command :- apt install curl
  5. Enter or copy the command :- curl -LO
  6. Now give permission by :- chmod +x
  7. Now execute :- ./
  8. And now wait until processing and downloading can take upto 40 minutes.. Well..depend upon internet speed...
Note :- Koi bhi problem aane pe aap mujse comment box me ya telegram group me pooch skte hai :)
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Monday 24 July 2017


Hello Welcome To Hax4Us

To lijiye ab Termux Series Bhi Start Kardi Hai....

Ye Part-1 Hai jisme hum HAKKU FRAMEWORK install krna sikhenge....

Links :-

  1. Hakku Framework Git Repo (Click Here)
Video achi lage to like & comment

Video play Na ho to niche link pe click kare

Click here
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Tuesday 18 July 2017


Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

To kya aap kisi bhi website ka source code get karna chahte hai...Vo bhi aapke android se...bina kisi app ke....??

Agar aap bilkul...sahi jagah aaye hai....

Niche video ko play kare...and iss trick ka maza le...

Video play Na ho to niche click kare

Click Here To Watch
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Saturday 15 July 2017



To lijiye aaj part-5 bhi aa chuka hai...jisme payload banane ke baad hum uske source code ko edit karke usme kuch change karenge like...uska name and icon change krna....

Ab hum agar apne payload ka naam RAM BOOSTER rakh le and icon bhi kisi booster app ka laga😂aapka victim easily fool ban sakta hai....

Requirements :-

  1. Apk Editor Pro (Download)
  2. Apps Icon Generator Website (Click Here)
  3. Internet obvious
  4. and Patience

Video Play Na Ho To Niche Link Pe Click Kar Sakte Hai

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Saturday 8 July 2017



DostoPart-2- ke baad aaj Part-3 bhi upload krdiya hai. Iss part me mene metasploit se payload banake kisi bhi android phone ko hack karna bataya hai.......

But agar aapke phone me already Ubuntu 13.04 install nahi hai to iss video ko dekhne se pehle meri "INSTALL UBUNTU IN ANDROID" wali video dekhe...jiska link niche diya Hua hai....

Requirements :-

  1. Ubuntu 13.04 Installed (Watch This Video)
  2. Metasploit Installed (Watch This Video)
  3. Internet obvious
  4. and Patience
Click Here To Watch Ubuntu v13.04 Installation Tutorial 

Ab aap part-3 dekh sakte hai....and apne hi phone se kisi ka bhi phone hack kar sakte me its amazing....

Video Play Na Ho To Niche Link Pe Click Kar Sakte Hai

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Saturday 17 June 2017

Create Your Own App Without Knowledge Of Programming Within 5 Min😱

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Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

Dosto aaj hum sikhenge ki kese hum apni khud ki application create kar sakte hai vo bhi without knowledge of any programming language.... Sound good Na ?

Well agar aapko meri video achi lage to plz one like & comment.....

Note :- Agar video play Na ho to iss link par click kar sakte hai 

Click Here To Watch 

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Wednesday 14 June 2017

No Flash No Worries Only One App & Replace Your Untrusted KingRoot App With Trusted SuperSu App

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To Dosto aaj hum sikhenge ki kese kingroot app ko remove karke SuperSu app  install kare..

Downloads :

  1. Kingroot Apk v4.5 (Download)
  2. SuperSu Me apk (Download)
Video achi lage to plz ek like and comment karna...

Click Here To Watch 

Note:- Kingroot install hona chahye tabhi ye trick work kregi.
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Tuesday 13 June 2017

Localhost In Android Part-3 With SQL Injection Live Hack Vulnerable Sites

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Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

To aaj hum sikhenge ki SQL injection technique jisse hum kisi bhi vulnerable site ko easily hack kar sakte hai..

Meri video me mene apni hi site pe demo dikhaya hai Jo ki localhost par run ho rahi hai .....mene niche apni site ke setup ka link diya hai ....jise aap bhi download karle SQL injection technique ki practice kar sakte hai...

Download :

  1. SQL Injection Practice Site (Download)
Website download karne ke baad aap niche link par click karke video dekh sakte hai...jisme SQL Injection karke dikhaya gaya hai....and website ko kese install karna hai vo bhi mene video me bataya hai....

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Sunday 11 June 2017


1 comment
Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

Namskaar Dosto...

Aaj frr se ek baar me laya aap sabhi ke liye ek brand new trick Jo aapko internet par or kahi nahi Milne wali...bcz ye mene hi banayi hai.....and aap sabhi ko to pata hi hoga ki ab 000webhost ya iski jesi or bhi hosting sites upgrade ho gyi hai isliye ab usme phishing page upload karna impossible ho gya hai....but ab koi prob nahi hai...bcz meri ye trick bina hosting sites ka use karke phishing attack perform karegi.....

Downloads :

  1. Facebook Phishing Page (Download)

Video achi lage to plz ek comment and like kardena ......

Click Here To Watch 
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Wednesday 7 June 2017

[VIDEO PROOF] Install Linux On Android Within 5 Min

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Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

Dosto iss video me hum sikhenge ki kese Linux ko android me install karte hai...

Requirements :-

  1. Terminal Emulator (Download)
  2. Complete Linux Installer (Download)
  3. VNC Viewer (Download)
  4. Any Extractor App
  5. Ubuntu Linux Image File (Download)
  6. Android Version Must Be 4.3 Or Above
To Dosto all things download karne ke baad aap niche video ka maza lo and Linux install karo....comment karna Na bhoolna😁

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Monday 5 June 2017

A New Way For Install Linux On Android With Only Terminal Emulator

Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

Dosto aaj hum ek new trick sikhenge jisse hum only terminal emulator ka use karke Linux install kar sakte hai....

Requirements :

  1. Terminal Emulator (Download From Play Store)
  2. Linux Image File Size Only 95mb (Download)
  3. 2gb Free Space In Memory 
  4. Mobile Must Be Rooted
Steps To Install Linux :-
  1. Dosto sabse pehle to Jo file download kari hai I think approx 95mb ki file hogi , use aap extract karlo.
  2. Extract karne ke baad 2gb ka data nikalega use sdcard me hi rakhna hai.
  3. Dhyaan rahe ki ek folder hoga Linux naam ka use sdcard me bahar hi rakna 
  4. Then ab terminal emulator app open karo and type karo ya command daalo su
  5. Then ab command dalo cd /sdcard/linux
  6. Ab command dalo sh
  7. Agar koi error Na aaye and last me likha ho ki INSTALLED ya installation Finished , to iska matlab Linux install ho gya hai
Steps To Use GUI With VNC Viewer :-
  1. Agar Linux ko GUI me use karna hai to first aap Play Store Se Vnc Viewer download Kare
  2. Then terminal emulator open kare and command dale su 
  3. Then command dale linux vnc 
  4. Ab first time aapse password create karne ke liye pucha jayega 
  5. Aapko kuch bhi password create karna hai and use yaad rakna hai (Note :- jab aap password enter karoge to vo show nahi hoga isliye darna nahi ye koi error nahi hai , aap bss password daaldena)
  6. Ab aapko VNC Viewer app open karna hai and right bottom me ek green colour ka plus icon hoga use click karna hai
  7. Then aapko address me localhost::5901 and name me localhost daalna hai.
  8. And connect karlena hai bss ...

Note : ye process kuch Android phones me error show kar sakta hai to isme koi problem nahi hai...aapko koi bhi problem aaye to comment section me pooch sakte hai ...I will solve your prob...
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Saturday 3 June 2017

LocalHost In Android & Improve Hacking Skills Part-2

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Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

Dosto Aapne Mera Part-1 to dekha hi hoga usme mene localhost create karna bataya hai and ab PART-2 me hum sikhenge ki localhost ko kese publicly access kare without use of PC .....

Iska marlb server bhi humara and website bhi humari.....mze lo...but pehle 2 apps download karo😁

  1. KickWeb Server (Download)
  2. Pagekite (Download)
To ab niche video ko deko and achi lage to like and comment karna na bhoolna .....

Video Play Na Ho To Niche Link Pe Click Kate
Click Here 
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Friday 19 May 2017

Create Localhost In Android & Improve Hacking Skills Part-1

Welcome Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us
Hax4us. Com
Dosto aaj hum baat karne wale local host ke baare me ki kese hum apne Android Mobile me local host create kar sakte hai....

Isske liye aapko 1 thing Required Hogi

  1. PAW Server (Download)
To Ab jab aap PAW download kar chuke hai then ab aap meri video dekho or practical knowledge ka maza lo bcz likhte to sab hai but practical ka maza hi alag hai...kyo.?

Video Play Na Ho To Niche Link Pe Click Karke Bhi Dekh Sakte Ho

Jaldi hi iska PART-2 bhi release hoga jisme hum apni local host site ko online me convert Karenge then Part-3 me SQL injection perform Karenge apne hi server ki apni site pe ....stay connected for updates...

What Is Local Host ? Click Here

What Is ARP Spoofing ? Click Here
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Monday 15 May 2017

How To Create A WhatsApp Account Using Fake U.S. Number Latest Trick 2017

Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us

Dosto aaj hum ek esi trick ke baare me baat karne wale hai jisse aap apna WhatsApp account U.S ke number se bana sakte hai....

Dosto internet par bahut saari tricks iske liye jese primo app , Text+ app ,next+ app and or bhi hai....

But Jab se WhatsApp ka new update aaya hai ye saari tricks ab work nahi kar rahi hai....

Bcz me try kar chuka hu sab invalid number hi bata raha bahut jyada explore karne ke baad mene ek esi trick search kar hi li Jo new WhatsApp pe bhi work karti hai....

Iss trick se pehle appko ek app download karna hai 

  1. Text Now App (Download)
Ab jab aap app download kar chuke hai to niche video ko play kare or iss trick ka maza le but comment karna Na bhoolna bcz it motivates me .....

Video play Na ho to...

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DDoS Attack Using Android Part-2 Released In Hindi

Hello Guys , Welcome/To Hax4Us
Dosto part-1 me humne Jana tha ki actually me ddos attack hota kya hai...and now part-2 me hum sikhenge ki DDoS attack ko Android se kese perform jata hai...

Two things are required before DDoS Attack
  1. Termux App (download)
  2. DDoS Script (Download
Note : DDoS script ek zip file me hai to sabse use extract karlena and extract karne ke baad aapko "" naam se ek script milegi.

Jise ddos attack sikhna hai vo niche video ko dekhe and video achi lage to plz like and comment karde isse jyada kuch nahi muje motivation milegi😇 don't be lazy enjoy video....

Agar post me video play nahi ho rahi to niche link par click karke bhi video dekh skate ho....

Click Here To Watch

Dosto video dekhne ke baad koi bhi problem ho to mujse jab marzi ask kar sakte ho.....I m always available for my viewers cum friends😇
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Friday 12 May 2017

Remotely Crash Or Hang Any Android Or IPhone Within 1 min ? Link Par Click Karne Se Ho Sakta Hai Mobile Switched Off

Hello Guys , Welcome To Hax4Us
Dosto aaj hum baat karne wale hai esi trick ke baare me jisse aap kisi ka bhi android ya iPhone hang ya crash kar sakte hai bina uske mobile ko touch kare .....

Iske liye aapko two things required hogi
  1. HTML file (Download)
  2. 000webhost account (SignUp Here)
Then jab aap dono things download karle To aap simply niche video ko dekhe or apne dosto ke saath prank kare ...😂😂😂

Agar aap ye janne me bhi interested hai ki ye trick work kese karti hai to video puri dekhna mene last me iska working method bhi explained kia hai.....

Agar aapke browser me ye video open nahi ho rahi to niche link par click kar sakte hai..

Click here to watch 

Post achi lagi to comment kare dosto ke saath share kare ....thnx for reading carefully...
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