Wednesday 12 December 2018

Setup Basic GUI In TermuxAlpine

After long time , i am again active with new post in which i am going to tell you that how can we setup basic GUI in Termux Alpine. Basic setup means openbox with xfce4-terminal.

Requirements :-
Follow these steps :-
  1. Open your alpine : startalpine
  2. update your alpine : apk update
  3. Install required packages : apk add xvfb openbox xfce4-terminal x11vnc
  4. Run Xvfb : Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1920x1080x24 &
  5. Run x11vnc :  x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -display :1 -nopw -wait 5 -shared -permitfiletransfer -tightfilexfer -noshm &
  6. Hit Enter again if any command would be stuck
  7. After x11vnc , its time to launch openbox : DISPLAY=:1 openbox &
  8. Now finally we can run terminal : DISPLAY=:1 xfce4-terminal &
Okk now xfce4-terminal is running and it's time to fireup Vnc Viewer and follow below steps :-
  1. Click on plus (+) green icon at bottom right.
  2. Type in Address field.
  3. Type anyname in Name field like you can type TermuxAlpine or Alpine etc .
  4. Click on create then tap on connect.
OK fine now you can see xfce4-terminal in front of you :)

Some Important Points 
  • After disconnecting from VNC Viewer App , x11vnc will be closed automatically.
  • But you will have to kill openbox and xfce4-terminal by yourself.
  • You can reinstall Alpine with my new script then you will not have to kill things , just exit from Alpine , all proot things will be killed.
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Happy Termux :)
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  1. Hello bro termux me hacking ke videos banoo plzz

    1. Bhai YouTube ni daalne deta .. Delete ya monetization band krdeta h

    2. Koi nahi bhai yaha blog pe Daal deya kro

    3. Bro mera 11th me biology ha kya me bca kar sakta hu Aage

    4. Mere paas arts thi bhai jab me kar skta hu... To har koi kar skta h

  2. wow, you are doing great brother thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Hello sir, how to fix encoding? Openbox displaying byte text instead of raw text in VNC Viewer