Thursday 10 September 2020

Install LEMON / L3MON In Termux No VPS No Root


 Hey guys so today i am sharing a easy way to install L3MON/LEMON in your termux :) 

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • First update and upgrade your termux 
  • apt update && apt upgrade

  • Now install lemon by a simple apt command
  • apt install lemon
So congratulations you have lemon and now you can make lemon juice LOL

Some Useful Videos Regarding lemon

Install Lemon In Termux

Setup Lemon on WAN

Bind lemon with app

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Saturday 5 September 2020

Learn Bash From Scratch In Hindi In Termux


Hey guys so if you are reading this post trust me you are going to change yourself into a cold blooded programmer.

You need only one thing i.e TERMUX. Here you can learn bash programming language without computer or laptop. Just an android phone.

Yes, i am sharing my whole playlist of bash series which is in hindi language. I recieved lots of positive feedbacks for this series and i am damn sure you will enjoy it :)

And don't forget to subscribe my channel because i will add more videos on bash until world ends.

So here is Link of Playlist 

Click here

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