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Sunday 21 February 2021

Install Ruby 2/Ruby 2.7.2/ Ruby 2.7 In Termux


After recent ruby update some packages are not working like metasploit so i compiled and hosted older ruby version in my repository Termuxblack.

So lets downgrade ruby in Termux :)

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update

  • Now remove ruby3 if installed (skip this step if you don't have ruby3)
  • apt remove ruby

  • Now just install ruby2
  • apt install ruby2

    So congratulations you have Ruby2 installed. You can me on Telegram also
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Install Termuxblack In Termux



It is unoficial repository maintained by me @hax4us and for list of available packages that you can install click here

Requirements : 

  • Termux 

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update

  • Just download installer script
  • wget

  • Now run it
  • bash

    So congratulations you have TermuxBlack installed. You can me on Telegram also
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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Enable Android Permissions Automatically in Android payload


Enable Android Permissions

Hey geeks i hope you are doing great and today I am here with a new trick to enable all Android permissions in any App ( whether it's binded with payload or not ) 

So let's see then :)

So first we will fulfill our requirements :

  • Apkmod must be installed in termux
  • That's it :)

How to install Apkmod ? 

  • First download installer script 

  • Now execute or run it

Ok so now everything is setup :)

Enable Android Permissions 

apkmod --enable-perm=/path/to/app.apk -o output.apk

In Case if you want to watch a practical video 

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Monday 1 June 2020

How to install trape in termux


Hey guys so i am here again with a awesome post where we will see that how can we install trape in termux.

Trust me it's going to be a easy task :)

Ok so let me tell the requirements first
  • A good internet connection
  • And wait ? What ? Yes that's it
Lets do this then 
  • First install TermuX BlacK ( A TermuX repository for hackers ) 
Ok so how to install TermuX BlacK then ? Well let's see
Just execute following commands one by one 


Ok so now TermuX BlacK is installed and now you can easily install trape by just one
       apt install trape

Now to launch trape 
Now you will see interface like this

That's it :) now configure your trape as usual & in case of anytype of query you can always join our community in telegram CLICK HERE

In case if you don't know how to setup/configure trape at first time so you can watch below video

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Thursday 2 January 2020

How To Enable Line Numbering In Vim In Termux

So line numbering is one of the cool feature of vim and it feels like a IDE. But it doesn't come by default and unfortunately many beginners are not aware from this feature.

Let's Enable it Then :)

Steps :-

  1. First we have to create a file named .vimrc in home directory of termux. vi ~/.vimrc ( if you have this file already , just skip this step )
  2. Now just write a simple line :set number
  3. Save & exit from vim by just pressing ESC and then two times Z ( in upper case )
  4. Done :) 
Checkout this tutorial to use your VIM like a pro

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Thursday 26 September 2019

How To Install Termux In Sdcard , Is It Really Possible ?


Hey guys, I know you are here because you want to install your little hackbox in sdcard. But unfortunately it's not possible.l :(

So why did I created this post ?

Because many of you guys are crawling Google to know the trick and I am here to stop your time wast crawling. You deserve the truth.

Well why is it not possible ?

It's because your sdcard is mounted as FAT with noexec flag ( noexec means no execution ) which prevents execution of any file or binary. But in older versions of android like lolipop we can remount our sdcard without noexec flag but remember that it will only work in some old devices but wait ..  why it will not work in new devices and Android versions ? It's because of the new protected file system i.e FUSE. Just search it on Google and you will get it.


It's not possible to install termux in sdcard , at least it's true for new devices and Android versions.

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Sunday 22 September 2019

Best Tmux-Bunch Alternative : Apkmod ( A New Project From Hax4Us )

Well guys i know Tmux-Bunch is awesome , actually it was :(.
But wait , it's not end of the earth and I am here with a new way to decompile, recompile and ( the hot feature ) bind payloads.

So let's come to the point now ;)

Requirements :

Installation Steps :
  • First goto home directory cd $HOME
  • Get the setup script wget
  • Execute the script  sh
  • Now you can execute command apkmod
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Sunday 15 September 2019

Install YCM or YouCompleteMe in Termux

Hey GeeKs I hope you are doing great and I am here to make your day more great :)

So if you are a coder and a big fan of terminal then I am damn sure you don't use bulky IDE's for your coding work but yes I know IDE's have cool features like auto completion , debugging etc. But who said we can't have these features in our terminal ;)

Requirements :

Steps to be followed :
  • Install YouCompleteMe Plug-In in vim. If you have it already then great , otherwise follow recording ( given below )
  • Now we will have to compile or build YouCompleteMe libraries in order to make it workable. For compiling , paste commands one by one 
  • You will have to create a conf file in your working directory ( root of your source tree) which is required by YCM to know the language in which you are writing your program 
  • Now we have ycm installed properly now you can test it by easily creating a .C file or program and see magic like my recording.
Tips :

  • Use Ctrl+Space for Auto-Completion 
  • For exit , Press ESC then two times Z in capital
  • You will have to create separate conf files for your different projects.

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Saturday 14 September 2019

How To Install A Plug-in Manager For Vim in Termux

Hey guys, Wassap ? Well I am bored with my old friend "Vim". So I decided to make it more fancy and cool , just like any IDE.

Trust me I can ;)

Vim is a simple editor until you install an plugin. Yes there are thousands of plugins available but installing or removing of various types of plugins and maintaining them are very complex task so I decided to hire a buttler, and his name is Vim-Plug
In short , it can easily install or remove your plugins and can do various types of cool things with vim.
Installation Steps :

  •  Download plug.vim curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs
  • That's it , Seriously ? Yes it is installed now.
Now what ? We have to create a file ".vimrc" in home directory , where we will give our commands to our butler.

Steps to setup vimrc file

  • First create or edit vimrc vim ~/.vimrc
  • And now it's time to see and follow recording ( given below )
  • That's it :)
But wait ... Where is my fancy vim now :/ well you will have to install plug-in using Vim-Plug and for that you can follow given post where I will make my boring vim "A Super C IDE".

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Wednesday 2 January 2019

How To Create Your Own APT Repository In Termux

Hey guys wasup ๐Ÿ˜‰ today we will see that how can we create our own repository in termux. So let's start ...

So just download my package and enjoy :)

Package Includes :-

  • One video tutorial 
  • Required Tool / Deb Package ( this tool is not officially available yet )
  • Bash Script ( which will automate all boring steps for you )
  • Thats it guys ;)
Want to connect with me ?
  • You can join WhatsApp Group , msg me "ADD" at 8800404950 
  • Follow me on Instagram , ID is Hax4us
  • Second Instagram ID is dcent_07 ( this I'd is not for Techy things so if you are following me for your techy questions so don't follow on this account thnx :) ) but yes if you want to be my friend then you can follow.
  • Facebook Page
Happy Termux :)
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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Setup Basic GUI In TermuxAlpine

After long time , i am again active with new post in which i am going to tell you that how can we setup basic GUI in Termux Alpine. Basic setup means openbox with xfce4-terminal.

Requirements :-
Follow these steps :-
  1. Open your alpine : startalpine
  2. update your alpine : apk update
  3. Install required packages : apk add xvfb openbox xfce4-terminal x11vnc
  4. Run Xvfb : Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1920x1080x24 &
  5. Run x11vnc :  x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -display :1 -nopw -wait 5 -shared -permitfiletransfer -tightfilexfer -noshm &
  6. Hit Enter again if any command would be stuck
  7. After x11vnc , its time to launch openbox : DISPLAY=:1 openbox &
  8. Now finally we can run terminal : DISPLAY=:1 xfce4-terminal &
Okk now xfce4-terminal is running and it's time to fireup Vnc Viewer and follow below steps :-
  1. Click on plus (+) green icon at bottom right.
  2. Type in Address field.
  3. Type anyname in Name field like you can type TermuxAlpine or Alpine etc .
  4. Click on create then tap on connect.
OK fine now you can see xfce4-terminal in front of you :)

Some Important Points 
  • After disconnecting from VNC Viewer App , x11vnc will be closed automatically.
  • But you will have to kill openbox and xfce4-terminal by yourself.
  • You can reinstall Alpine with my new script then you will not have to kill things , just exit from Alpine , all proot things will be killed.
Want to connect with me ?
  • You can join WhatsApp Group , msg me "ADD" at 8800404950 
  • Follow me on Instagram , ID is Hax4us
  • Second Instagram ID is dcent_07 ( this I'd is not for Techy things so if you are following me for your techy questions so don't follow on this account thnx :) ) but yes if you want to be my friend then you can follow.
  • Facebook Page
Happy Termux :)
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Sunday 15 July 2018

Install Burpsuite In Termux Nethunter


Hey, I am lokesh and today we are going to install Burpsuite in our Termux Nethunter.

Burp or Burp Suite is a graphical tool for testing Web application security. The tool is written in Java and developed by PortSwigger Security.

So yes it is possible to install and run Burpsuite in Kali Nethunter Prooted Environment but before any further installation steps please make sure you have LXDE installed in Nethunter otherwise Burpsuite may not run :(

Requirements :--

  1. Nethunter ( Not installed ? Click here )
  2. LXDE ( Not installed ? Click here )
  3. Minimum Space Required = 150 MB
Note :- All commands are highlighted

Follow All Steps One By One Carefully  :--

  1. Open your Nethunter startkali
  2. Install Burpsuite apt install burpsuite -y
  3. Run Burpsuite java -jar /usr/bin/burpsuite
  4. Configure your Burpsuite and enjoy :)
If you still confused with above steps you can click here for demo video 

You can checkout Official Site of Burpsuite for more instructions of usage ( Link )

Screenshots :--



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Saturday 7 July 2018

How To Install LXDE In Kali Nethunter Of Termux Without Root


Hey , I am Lokesh and today I will tell you that how can we install LXDE Full Desktop Environment in termux using Kali Nethunter Without root :)

So First of all you will have to install Kali Nethunter from my latest script and if you have already installed so install it again otherwise LXDE may not properly install.

Don't know how to install Nethunter ? Click below :)

Install Nethunter In Termux

So now i am assuming you have Nethunter in termux and you did all necessary and compulsory steps from installation guide after installation.


  • Minimum Storage : 1.5gb
  • Must be my subscriber ๐Ÿ˜‚

Follow these steps or just paste commands one by one 

  1. First Update apt-get update 
  2. Install LXDE apt-get install lxde-core lxde kali-defaults kali-root-login desktop-base
Now take a cup of tea because it will take time and also depends on your Internet speed.

So now LXDE is installed but how to start ?

Follow these steps to start your LXDE session 

  1. Download and Install Xserver XSDL App From Play Store or Click here 
  2. Now open your installed app and download additional fonts ( 60 Mb) 
  3. Wait for 3-4 seconds 
  4. Now minimize the XSDL app and goto termux 
  5. Now execute this command in Nethunter DISPLAY= PULSE_SERVER=tcp: startlxde &
  6. Go back to Xserver XSDL App and wait up to 5 seconds then you will get LXDE desktop environment 





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Saturday 30 June 2018

Install Latest Java 9 In Termux Without Root

Update :- This method is not working now I will upload new post asap for java

Hey , I am lokesh and today I will share a simple guide in order to install Java Jdk/Jre.

So Just Follow Below Steps 

  • Install dirmngr and gnupg  apt install dirmngr gnupg-curl -y
  • Add PGP key apt-key adv --keyserver --recv 9D6D488416B493F0
  • Add Repo mkdir -p $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d && echo "deb extra main x11" > $PREFIX/etc/apt/sources.list.d/list.list
  • Update apt update
  • Now you can install java jdk apt install openjdk-9-jdk-headless -y
Some Amazing Tutorials For Termux Lovers 
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Thursday 28 June 2018

Little Guide Of Termux Basic Commands Part-2

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Hey , I am Lokesh today I am going to teach some more basic commands of termux.

In previous part we learnt about cd and ls so today we will learn about two more commands cp and mv.


cp stands for copy. It is very simple but useful command. There are lots of option available in cp but I will cover only specific useful options so let's take an example for understanding the working of cp

I have two folders and one file in home directory

So I want to copy file1 into folder one. I will just write cp "resource" "destination" so here resource is file1 and destination is folder one so final command would be look like this cp file1 one

But it will work only if you are in current directory means a directory where both resource and destination exists but what if I want to copy a file from current directory to a folder which is not in current directory so it is also very simple task , again let's take an example

So now I am in $HOME directory of termux . $HOME means /data/data/com.termux/files/home , so in short I can say I am in home directory , so I have a file file1 and I want to copy this file into a folder two which is exist in folder one so my command for copy would be cp resource path/to/destination means cp file1 one/two

But what if resource and destination both are not in current directory ?

Simple , just write full path of both like this

Okk now we can copy Any file anywhere but what if i want to copy a folder in which my all files are present. For this cp has a option -R by which we can copy whole folder so let's take an example for understanding

I have two folders one and two and I want to copy folder one into folded two so I will write cp -R one two OR cp -R /path/to/one /path/to/two in the case when both folders are not exist in current directory


mv stands for move. mv is just like a variation of cp with Deletion feature. Means cp only copies or create a duplicate copy of your resource without touching your original resource but mv will create a copy of your original content then delete original content. So cp + delete = mv . let's take an example to understand working of mv

I have a file file1 and folder one

I want to move file1 into folder one so I will write mv "resource" "destination" means mv file1 one

Same rule applied here if one of them resource or destination or both are not in current directory then we will have to give full path like this

Here we don't need of any -R option like cp in case of moving whole folder like below

Remarks :-

  1. Simple copy command for Any file in current directory cp resource destination
  2. For different directory cp /path/to/resource /path/to/destination
  3. For copy whole folder we need -R, cp -R wholefolder destination
  4. $HOME means /data/data/com.termux/files/home it means if you have a folder one in home and you want to copy folder one from anywhere so you will have to give full path but instead of giving /data/data....blah blah  you can write $HOME/one or $HOME/path/to/one if one is not in home 
  5. For  move whole folder you don't need -R
We will continue our journey in next parts of basic Termux command.
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Tuesday 26 June 2018

Little Guide Of Termux Basic Commands Part-1

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Hey , I am Lokesh today I am going to teach some basics commands of termux.

Well there is no difference between Linux commands and Termux commands so I can say almost command are same.


cd means change the directory. Its very simple and basic command for beginners. Let's take some examples to understand the working of cd command.
Suppose that I have two folders in home directory of termux.

So I want to goto folder one means I want to change the current directory to one so its very simple just write name of folder or directory after cd  in which you want to enter so command would be like this

So now I am in folder one but wait now i want to go back so is it possible ? Yh just write two dots (..) after cd to go back one step like this

Note that there is a space between cd and two dots and same rule applied for all commands. There must be space after command name. Don't mixup the command with arguments like this

OK so now we know two things

  1. How to change directory or folder
  2. How to go back to my previous directory


ls stands for list. So as name suggests this command will give us list of current directory (if executed in current directory).

Confused ? :( OK Lets take an example :)

Suppose that I have two folders and one file in home directory of Termux but I want see all as a list so I will just execute ls (see screenshot)

But now I don't want to see list of current directory. Now I want to see list of my folder "one" so I will just write name of folder after ls ( see screenshot)

Now we know four things :
  1. How to change directory or folderw
  2. How to go back to my previous directory
  3. How to list all things in current directory
  4. How to list all things from any other directory.

We will continue our journey in next parts of basic Termux command.

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Friday 5 January 2018

How To Access Sdcard Or External Storage In Termux Without Permission Denied Error


Welcome To HaX4Us

It is very common thing for Termux users but also a root of common error which is permission denied.

And it is obvious that you will try to access sdcard or external storage in termux to save your any important thing & one more noticeable thing is that the permission denied error does not come in Android 5 or before.

It means that you are here because you have Android 6.0 or later. So the only thing what you have to do is that

  • run this command in termux termux-setup-storage
  • After then you will be prompt for permission like as below screenshot so you have to click on allow

Executing termux-setup-storage ensures:

  1. That permission to shared storage is granted to Termux when running on Android 6.0 or later.
  2. That an app-private folder on external storage is created (if external storage exists).
  3. That a folder $HOME/storage is created.


The contents of the created $HOME/storage folder are symlinks to different storage folders like as given screenshot

In case of any query , you can ask in comment section.

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Thursday 4 January 2018

How To Make/Create Deb Package In Termux (Part-2)

Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

So guys I know that why are you here that's why without any blah blah I am going to teach you that how can you make your own deb package in termux for termux.

Usage :

This tool expects packages to be defined in JSON manifest files. Run termux-create-package -h for more information.
An example manifest file is given below:

  "name": "newproject",
  "version": "1.0",
  "homepage": "",
  "maintainer": "@Hax4us",
  "description": "my description",
  "arch": "all",
  "depends": ["dependency"],
  "files" :{
    "": "bin/myfile",
    "": "lib/"

The fields are as follows :

  • name: The name of your package.
  • version: The version of the package.
  • maintainer: Optional informative field specifying who maintains the package.
  • homepage: Optional informative field specifying a homepage URL.
  • description: Optional informative field containing a short description of the package.
  • depends: Comma-separated list of packages that this package depends on. Will be installed automatically when this package is installed using apt.
  • arch: Set to all if the package only contains architecture-independent data, or one of arm/i686/aarch64/x86_64 as appropriate.
  • files: Files relative to the manifest file that should be included in the package. The keys are paths (relative to the current directory) to include and the values are paths where the files should end up at installation (relative to the $PREFIX path in Termux where everything is installed under).
Run the following command to create a package file named ${name}_${version}_all.deb:

$ termux-create-package manifest.json

This can then be installed in Termux using the command:

apt install ./my-package-file.deb

So my friends I hope that now you can make your own deb package without any hassle :)

Note :- In case of any error you can ask in comment section thnx :)

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How To Make Own Deb Package In Termux (Part-1)

Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

Yes, Termux is built on users' contributions. Termux is an open source application; And there are many benefits. The source code is hosted at GithubTermux-app is the repository for the actual App. Changes to the user interface and terminal emulator can be made here. The termux-packagesrepository is where the apt repository of Termux is located. You can modify and add packages here.

Can I Create My Own Deb Package ?

Yes , you can ! Firstly you will have to open termux and execute this command apt install termux-create-package then you can use this command for more info termux-create-package -h 

It is very easy to create deb files for termux by termux-create-package and if you want to learn more clearly about that you can goto link given below ;)

Make deb package Part-2
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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Bind Payload With Any Apk In Android Using Tmux-Bunch

Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

[ NOTE ] Tmux-Bunch is unstable now try best alternative of Tmux-Bunch => Apkmod ( Click Here )

yes ye possible hai..hum apne TERMUX me TMUX-BUNCH install kr sakte hai and payload bind kr skte hai ,
..without rooted phone...!!

Tmux-Bunch is a tool created by me to provide great features of apktool and payload binding in Termux.

Requirements :-
  • Termux App (Obvious)
  • Metasploit installed
  • Must Be My Subscriber๐Ÿ˜‚
To Aapko Kuch khaas ni krna hai , only mere steps follow karne hai & koi bhi error aata hai to group me screenshot de sakte hai

For Installation Instructions 
Click Here

For Reference You Can Watch My Demo Video (Link is given below)

I hope ye tutorial aapko acha laga hoga..!!

Plz comment karna mat bhoolna ...aapke bhai ki izzat ka sawal hai..๐Ÿ˜‚

Note :- I will not be responsible for any kind of illegal activity done by you And if you are facing any problem... You can ask me
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