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Thursday 18 February 2021

Download Instagram Reel With DReel App



Hey guys so lets see how can we download instagram reel with DReel App.

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • Download DReel App from above link and install it.
  • After installing it just open and you will see a interface like this

  • Now copy URL of instagram reel like this

  • After then put URL and name of video ( name can be anything without suffix .mp4 ) 

  • Now press on Download button and wait for some seconds, then you will get your video saved into folder DReel in sdcard.
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Saturday 23 January 2021

Hack Facebook With Nodemcu and Android


What can be the effective way of phising ? 

Lots of ideas are in your mind :) So in my.

I think the best way would be "Using Hotspot".

Just Turn On your Hotspot and wait for voracious guys ( in my locality there are many )

So when victim will connect to Our Hotspot , "A fake login page of Facebook or whatever you like" will open automatically in browser, and if victim want to use your Internet then he will have to enter asked credentials  just like Any Public WiFi.

**And this technique can also be used for WiFi Hacking.**

But this type of hack just from your Android device is currently not possible ( except rooted devices ) 

But We can use some sort of WiFi module to achieve it. 

Usually we don't have rooted devices and hence later method is suitable for everyone.

Requirements : 

All Steps Are In Given Video 

Download/Watch Video

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Thursday 2 January 2020

How To Enable Line Numbering In Vim In Termux

So line numbering is one of the cool feature of vim and it feels like a IDE. But it doesn't come by default and unfortunately many beginners are not aware from this feature.

Let's Enable it Then :)

Steps :-

  1. First we have to create a file named .vimrc in home directory of termux. vi ~/.vimrc ( if you have this file already , just skip this step )
  2. Now just write a simple line :set number
  3. Save & exit from vim by just pressing ESC and then two times Z ( in upper case )
  4. Done :) 
Checkout this tutorial to use your VIM like a pro

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Thursday 26 September 2019

How To Install Termux In Sdcard , Is It Really Possible ?


Hey guys, I know you are here because you want to install your little hackbox in sdcard. But unfortunately it's not possible.l :(

So why did I created this post ?

Because many of you guys are crawling Google to know the trick and I am here to stop your time wast crawling. You deserve the truth.

Well why is it not possible ?

It's because your sdcard is mounted as FAT with noexec flag ( noexec means no execution ) which prevents execution of any file or binary. But in older versions of android like lolipop we can remount our sdcard without noexec flag but remember that it will only work in some old devices but wait ..  why it will not work in new devices and Android versions ? It's because of the new protected file system i.e FUSE. Just search it on Google and you will get it.


It's not possible to install termux in sdcard , at least it's true for new devices and Android versions.

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Sunday 15 September 2019

Install YCM or YouCompleteMe in Termux

Hey GeeKs I hope you are doing great and I am here to make your day more great :)

So if you are a coder and a big fan of terminal then I am damn sure you don't use bulky IDE's for your coding work but yes I know IDE's have cool features like auto completion , debugging etc. But who said we can't have these features in our terminal ;)

Requirements :

Steps to be followed :
  • Install YouCompleteMe Plug-In in vim. If you have it already then great , otherwise follow recording ( given below )
  • Now we will have to compile or build YouCompleteMe libraries in order to make it workable. For compiling , paste commands one by one 
  • You will have to create a conf file in your working directory ( root of your source tree) which is required by YCM to know the language in which you are writing your program 
  • Now we have ycm installed properly now you can test it by easily creating a .C file or program and see magic like my recording.
Tips :

  • Use Ctrl+Space for Auto-Completion 
  • For exit , Press ESC then two times Z in capital
  • You will have to create separate conf files for your different projects.

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Saturday 14 September 2019

How To Install A Plug-in Manager For Vim in Termux

Hey guys, Wassap ? Well I am bored with my old friend "Vim". So I decided to make it more fancy and cool , just like any IDE.

Trust me I can ;)

Vim is a simple editor until you install an plugin. Yes there are thousands of plugins available but installing or removing of various types of plugins and maintaining them are very complex task so I decided to hire a buttler, and his name is Vim-Plug
In short , it can easily install or remove your plugins and can do various types of cool things with vim.
Installation Steps :

  •  Download plug.vim curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs
  • That's it , Seriously ? Yes it is installed now.
Now what ? We have to create a file ".vimrc" in home directory , where we will give our commands to our butler.

Steps to setup vimrc file

  • First create or edit vimrc vim ~/.vimrc
  • And now it's time to see and follow recording ( given below )
  • That's it :)
But wait ... Where is my fancy vim now :/ well you will have to install plug-in using Vim-Plug and for that you can follow given post where I will make my boring vim "A Super C IDE".

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Friday 5 January 2018

How To Access Sdcard Or External Storage In Termux Without Permission Denied Error


Welcome To HaX4Us

It is very common thing for Termux users but also a root of common error which is permission denied.

And it is obvious that you will try to access sdcard or external storage in termux to save your any important thing & one more noticeable thing is that the permission denied error does not come in Android 5 or before.

It means that you are here because you have Android 6.0 or later. So the only thing what you have to do is that

  • run this command in termux termux-setup-storage
  • After then you will be prompt for permission like as below screenshot so you have to click on allow

Executing termux-setup-storage ensures:

  1. That permission to shared storage is granted to Termux when running on Android 6.0 or later.
  2. That an app-private folder on external storage is created (if external storage exists).
  3. That a folder $HOME/storage is created.


The contents of the created $HOME/storage folder are symlinks to different storage folders like as given screenshot

In case of any query , you can ask in comment section.

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How To Edit Recovery Images Or Boot Images From Android


Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

Here I am introducing an amazing all-in-one app for extract .img files like recovery or boot images files.

Android Image Kitchen is a popular tool for Linux and ported to android in the form of Apk :)


Due to the fragmentations among Android vendors, this app may or may not work with your boot image, and don't be frustrated when it does not. I am also not responsible for any damage to your phone.

BOOT/RECOVERY: Use this tool to unpack/repack a boot/recovery image. This part is built on top of osm0sis's Android image kitchen but added support for some MTK devices. You can use "dd" or apps such as "Flashify" to flash image back.

SYSTEM: Make sure you have root and a loop device enabled kernel to make the magic happen.  If the system image is a sparse image, the app will try to convert it to a raw image in the same directory  and then mount the raw image; if the system image is a raw image, the app will mount it directly. You can use "dd" to flash image back.

EDITING: You can edit plain text files with the built in file editor or your favorite file editors such as "QuickEdit" or "DroidEditor". You can also view images from the built in image viewer or other viewers. If you want to edit image or binary files, you need to first export the files out and edit them with other apps. "HexEditor" has a limitation which prevents this app from sending binaries for direct editing.

From where should i install ?

Go to play store :)
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