Thursday 23 December 2021

Install Flutter In Termux



Well now we can build flutter apps too using our Termux :)

The only requirement is arm64 device. And a simple guide to follow which is here CLICK HERE

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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Bypass Or Kill Signature Verification Of Android App

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Hello Everybody, I am here again with a awesome post.

Today we will see a simplest way to bypass or kill signature verification of any Android App using Termux.

Why we need it ?

I was trying to bind metasploit payload into original Whatsapp application using my tool Apkmod and process was successful but when i installed it in my device for testing purpose then i entered my phone number but did not received any OTP :( 

It was because of signature verification done by whatsapp. So it was the motivation to add new option of signature killer in Apkmod :).

So first i killed signature verification then bind it with payload.

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Monday 22 November 2021

Install Android SDK In Termux

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Hey guys if you don't have PC or Laptop and still you want to learn Android App Development then i have a good news for you :)

You can install Full Android SDK as we have gradle & java already in Termux, so the only thing which is left is Android SDK.

For Installation guide click here 

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Wednesday 27 October 2021

Access Android/Obb In Android 11


As we all know that Android 11 comes with scoped storage restrictions and accessing folder obb is not that simple in Android 11. 

Let's see how to access it :)


  • First open your favourite File Manager and try to install an Android App from there
  • When you will attempt for installing any android app from your file manager then android will ask you to grant a permission Install Unknown Apps 
  • You will have to grant it and then cancel the installation of App.
  • Now you can access Android/obb folder from your favourite file manager.

Tip For Termux Users :

  • To access Android/obb folder from termux , you will have to give same permission to termux also.
  • Just hit a command termux-open /path/to/any/App.apk then android will again ask for a permission named Install Unknown Apps
  • After granting it , you can abort the installation of App 
  • Now you can access Android/obb from termux also 

Access Android/data ?

No it's not possible in Android 11 ( at least i did not see any trick or hack for it ).

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Sunday 24 October 2021

Convert Smali To Dex

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 Hey , are you finding a way simple & easy way to convert Smali code to Dex format ? 

Then Let's find the way you want CLICK HERE

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Friday 22 October 2021

Hack Instagram Without Phising Or Bruteforce Attack

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If you are searching a way to hack Instagram account without any Bruteforce or Phising Attack or Method then dude you are at right place :)

Its possible with cookies. Yes we have to steal cookies from our victim's device and then we can inject it into our device with the help of Firefox ( unfortunately we don't have any option in Chrome so install firefox if you have not )


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Monday 18 October 2021

Install Openjdk or Java 11 In Termux

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We can easily instalk Openjdk-17 by just apt but still in some cases , we need Openjdk-11 for comparability issues like coc-java needs JDK-11 so here we go ( Click here for full installation process )

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Sunday 2 May 2021

Hack WiFi Without Monitor Mode Or WiFi Adapter

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Well we all want a way to hack our neighbour's WiFi and enjoy free internet but wait it's not something straight forward.

But yes there is always a alternative way to do anything :)

We can hack or phis WiFi credentials by making a Fake AP with name of target AP ( AP stands for access point or simply hotspot or wifi ). 

So this will be Algorithm

  1. First we will create a fake hotspot with the same name as our victim's wifi.
  2. Now we will perform De-Authentication attack on victim's wifi so that all devices which were connected to victim's wifi will be disconnected.
  3. Now we will wait until someone or owner/victim try to connect again but this time to our Fake wifi by mistake ( because WiFi name is same )
  4. Ok so victim is connected to our Fake WiFi.
  5. Now we already setup a fake captive page which will be openup automatically after connecting. Our fake page will be look like this

  6. Now victim will enter his Wifi's password to upgrade software and we will get this password & boom! 

How to follow above Algorithm ? :

  • First purchase two nodemcu (links are at the end of post). First one for De-Authentication attack and second for the Fake Wifi & Captive Portal for Phising.

  • Flash first nodemcu with Wi-PWN (link at the end of post)
  • Flash second nodemcu with the Fake Wifi Captive Portal

  • Now start De-Authentication process to your victim and at the same time start your fake wifi with the same name :) & wait for magic :)
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Sunday 25 April 2021

AIDE Mod Apk With AndroidX Support

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AIDE is quite popular app available in play store. I don't have PC but this app is life savior. Well but the major drawback of original App is "Lack of AndroidX support" which is next generation Android Support Library.

But here i am with a latest mod of AIDE App which supports AndroidX Library. Is it cool ? Off course it is :)

So if you don't have pc or laptop and still you want to be a Android Developer So dude don't wait for the right time just join us and grab this Mod. Click Here For Download It :)

You Will be redirected to my Telegram Group Where i uploaded this MOD.

Useful Links

  • AIDE tutorials In hindi ( Watch )

how to install AndroidX Support Library in aide app
how to build android app without pc or laptop
Aide mod cracked version download
aide with AndroidX Library

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Thursday 1 April 2021

Create Your Own Phising Page

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As a noob if you are having hard time to create your own phising page then this guide is only for you :)

Here is link of guide CLICK HERE


how to create own phising page

how to create phising page in termux

how to create phising page in kali Linux

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Friday 26 March 2021

Add Extra Keys In Termux

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 Extra keys are very important for everyone ( specially for programmers ).

So lets add Extra keys in Termux :)

Steps :

  • First download a file
  • wget

  • Now move it into directory ~/.termux
  • mv ~/.termux

  • Exit from termux and open again.

  • So congratulations you have Extra Keys Now. 
    You can join me on Telegram also
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Wednesday 17 March 2021

HaxPot A Social Engineering Tool


 HaxPot is a kind of social engineering tool ( for NodemcU ) which can create a fake AP or hotspot from which your greedy victims can connect in order to surf free internet :)

When a victim connects to our fake AP then he will be redirected to fake login page ( login page can be configured via Admin Panel Of HaxPot ) 

So when a victim put his credentials into our fake login Page then credentials will be saved in nodemcu local storage.

You want to see it in action ? Or you want to see installation and configuration guide of haxPot then Ok so click here 

Useful Links

Note :- haxpot is a flashable bin file for Nodemcu

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Monday 8 March 2021

Install FTP server in Termux


 I found some folks are struggling while installing FTP SERVER in Termux so  i decided to write a post for it :)

So lets install FTP server in Termux :)

Requirements : 

  • Termux

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update && apt upgrade

  • Now let's install FTP server
  • apt install pure-ftpd

  • Now let's run FTP server 
  • pure-ftpd --bind 8080

    So congratulations you have FTP server running at and port 8080. You can Join me on Telegram also
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Sunday 21 February 2021

Install Ruby 2/Ruby 2.7.2/ Ruby 2.7 In Termux


After recent ruby update some packages are not working like metasploit so i compiled and hosted older ruby version in my repository Termuxblack.

So lets downgrade ruby in Termux :)

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update

  • Now remove ruby3 if installed (skip this step if you don't have ruby3)
  • apt remove ruby

  • Now just install ruby2
  • apt install ruby2

    So congratulations you have Ruby2 installed. You can me on Telegram also
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Install Termuxblack In Termux



It is unoficial repository maintained by me @hax4us and for list of available packages that you can install click here

Requirements : 

  • Termux 

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update

  • Just download installer script
  • wget

  • Now run it
  • bash

    So congratulations you have TermuxBlack installed. You can me on Telegram also
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Thursday 18 February 2021

Download Instagram Reel With DReel App



Hey guys so lets see how can we download instagram reel with DReel App.

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • Download DReel App from above link and install it.
  • After installing it just open and you will see a interface like this

  • Now copy URL of instagram reel like this

  • After then put URL and name of video ( name can be anything without suffix .mp4 ) 

  • Now press on Download button and wait for some seconds, then you will get your video saved into folder DReel in sdcard.
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Saturday 23 January 2021

Hack Facebook With Nodemcu and Android


What can be the effective way of phising ? 

Lots of ideas are in your mind :) So in my.

I think the best way would be "Using Hotspot".

Just Turn On your Hotspot and wait for voracious guys ( in my locality there are many )

So when victim will connect to Our Hotspot , "A fake login page of Facebook or whatever you like" will open automatically in browser, and if victim want to use your Internet then he will have to enter asked credentials  just like Any Public WiFi.

**And this technique can also be used for WiFi Hacking.**

But this type of hack just from your Android device is currently not possible ( except rooted devices ) 

But We can use some sort of WiFi module to achieve it. 

Usually we don't have rooted devices and hence later method is suitable for everyone.

Requirements : 

All Steps Are In Given Video 

Download/Watch Video

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