Tuesday 8 August 2017


Hello Guys, Welcome To Hax4Us

Update :- Now java 9 can be installed in termux without root click here for guide 

Yes , ye possible hai..hum apne TERMUX me java install kar sakte hai..and ye bahut badi achievement hai....bcz now we can also install apktool....can decompile and recompile process.

Requirements :-
  • Phone Must Be Rooted (SuperSu Recommended)
  • Termux App (Obvious)
  • Must Be My Subscriber😂
To Aapko Kuch khaas ni krna hai , only mere steps follow karne hai & koi bhi error aata hai to group me screenshot de sakte hai

Steps :-
  1. Download & Install Apktool App (Click Here)
  2. Download Java File (Click Here)
  3. Open TERMUX App & install *tsu* package (how to install ?) Just execute this command :- apt install tsu
  4. Remember you can use Termux-Sudo instead of tsu...
  5. Now Assuming tsu is installed and then type this command :- tsu -p
  6. Then type this command :- mount -o remount,rw /system
  7. Then copy downloaded Java file in your system/bin folder by executing this command & remembered me ye assume kar raha hu ki Aapne Java File ko Chrome se download kiya hai Jo download folder me hai :- cp /sdcard/Download/java /system/bin
  8. Then change permission :- chmod 777 /system/bin/java
  9. Then remount system in r/o mode :- mount -o remount,ro /system
  10. Now you can type this command for Java :- java
  11. And to check your java version :- java -version

Next tutorial me hum apktool install karenge so...I hope ye tutorial aapko acha laga hoga

Plz comment karna mat bhoolna ...aapke bhai ki izzat ka sawal hai..😂

Note :- Uppar di gayi sabhi commands ko aap one by one type karenge & you can type each command manually or can copy & paste in TERMUX.
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