Friday 16 December 2016

Today's ...the most entertaining thing are games I thought that I publish a post regarding HD xbos games

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Guys .... a gaming platform of Microsoft company ..
So today I am going to teach how we can play xbox HD games in our android phones...
Min requirements --

  1. 1 GB ram
  2. 1.3 ghz processor
  3. 4gb internal storage or external 
  4. KitKat or above android version
First of all I am going to talk about xbox 360 live app ...this app is only available in China ...but I will guide you that how can we run this app in India ....
This is network gps based trick...

Steps :-
  1. Download Xbox 360 live from this link....
  2. Now to change your IP address and local network service provider location from India to China this app named flyvpn.apk.. From this link...
3. After installing flyvpn app ..connect     to china shenghai 02 server VPN you have to open Xbox live app and enjoy .....HD games ..
Note :-- if you do any illegal task so I am not responsible for your problem.
If you have any query related to this trick you can ask me using comment box 
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