Saturday 7 January 2017

10 Unique Ways to Use the Sensors on Your Android Device

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Here are the unique ways to use Sensors on Android Device with the help of all the sensors that are currently in your Android device. So follow the complete guide discussed belwo to proceed with this.

Unique Ways to use Sensors on Android DeviceLet’s have a look on some of the cool things that you can try in your Android. So have a look at all these ways below.

For Proximity Sensor:

#1 Use the gestures to control the media playback on your device which all requires the usage of Proximity sensor and the Wave Control app. Just try it up to control your music playback in the cool new way. Hover your hand over the proximity sensor and you could change up the tracks or stop up the music playback etc.

#2 Automatically answer your calls using the proximity sensor, just use the app named SpeakerPhone Ex and it would do the rest for you. You just require to raise your phone to the ear and it should be answered for the calls. Apart from that, there is a huge list of other call related gestures this app carries with, just look on these now.

#3 Lock and Unlock your device through using the gestures like waving a hand over the proximity etc. For enabling all such gestures on your device, you just need to install the app named Kin Screen and throughsetting it up you would get all those gestures running.

#4 For custom actions or defining gestures over the Proximity on your device, you could prefer to use the app named Proximity Actions. Make your own gesture for any kind of action or opening of app etc anything.

For Camera/Flash:

#1 Use the app named Cardiography to check your instant heartbeat accurately, and all this is done by placing your finger on the main camera of your device over the flash as well. This is merely inaccurate at times but if you work with it you would find up the great results.

#2 Calculate the Distance from the objects through using the app named Smart Distance. This advanced app uses the data from the camera of your device and hence regulates it in a way to find out the accurate distance from the objects. Just add in the estimated height of the object in the app ad also point your camera towards that, and the app would tell you the distance within seconds.

#3 Using the old Android device could be no better than this. Just use your Old Android camera as the surveillance or the motion detector by installing the app named Motion detector App. This app sends the images of the triggered intruder to the defined email which you ould customise anytime.

For Magnetometer:

#1 Compass is something which you would likely not carry all the time with you, but the Android device would be the one you most probably carry with yourself. In case you wishor you need to use the compass fo some reason then don’t bother to buy the one or carry up to one with you all the time because the Android device with Magnetometer sensor could be used as a compass by installing up the app named Smart Compass.

#2 Accelerometer: Just use the Android device to check or measure up the speed of the device or the acceleration of the device!The app Accelerometer Gauge could be usedfor the very purpose, and you could change your Android into the Speedometer/odometer.

For Gyroscope:

#1 Pocket Buble Level is the app that works with the Gyroscope sensor of your device to give you the while data of leveller and hence you could use up your device to level up your projects or the objects etc. You need to calibrate it first and then after that you could perform the designated action.

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Friday 6 January 2017

Now Hack Your Favorite Game With Lucky Patcher V6.4.3 Apk


Lucky Patcher is an amazing Android l applicationwhich lets you remove ads, break different apps’ Android Market License Confirmation or other Confirmations for the applications. The App has been developed by Developer Chelpus. Lucky Patcherapplication plays a major role for rooted android device.

Lucky Patcher is quite stable and a superb App. However, there is no 100% guarantee of this app because it sometimes cause issues to your mobile device such as restarting loop, unstable system, etc. This app is available on the Google App Store for free. Through this app, you can easily remove the Google adds which sometimes become too irritating and annoying.

However, make sure that before using this app you prepare complete backup of your Data in different storage as this app can lead to the loss of your Data. Next, there is a risk of getting your android device damaged via this app.

Moreover, keeping the risks on the other side, the app also offer some amazing benefits for your android device. This tool prevents the Google Ads thus your device doesn’t have to wake up which will further improve your battery timings. According tot he surveys and reports, the android device with the app Lucky Patcher has 8 hours of life without charging.


Open your app drawer on your android device and open the lucky patcher app. A list of apps installed in your phone will appear.Next click on the app you want to remove permissions.Then Click Open Menu of Patches => Remove License Verification => Auto Modes => Apply


Follow steps 1 and 2 mentioned under the heading “How to remove License Of Any App”.Then Click Open Menu of Patches => Remove Google Ads => Patch to remove Google Ads => Apply.


- Update modded Google Play to 7.3.07.K;

- Update android patches for arm;

- Update custom patches;

- Update translations;

- Bugs fixed.




> Stable functioning of Lucky Patcher can’t be guaranteed . So you are solely responsible for use of this application.

> Under no circumstances will be responsible for any problems caused to your device (rebooting loop, unstable system, etc…)


Apk Size - 6.2 MB

Dailyuploads Link

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Thursday 5 January 2017

WhatsApp working on new features to be released in 2017

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WhatsApp team has been hard at work in improving and adding new features to its Messaging Application on all the platforms. The team has been working very hard in testing some new features which they plan to release to its App on all the platforms. Below are the list of new features the team is planning to release to the official version of the App. Currently the below features are being tested on the Beta Applications on the platforms.
List of new features:
  • Revoke Sent Messages:The WhatsApp Team is working on releasing Revoke Messages feature to its application. Currently, it’s  been tested with the beta software for iPhone. Users claimed that the trial allowed them to revoke their messages. Thus, the recipient would get a note saying that the message has been revoked by the sender.
  • Preview of Archived Files: WhatsApp is still testing another feature that should allow users to preview contents from files sent in archive, which include ZIP and RAR files.
  • Streaming Videos: Reports say that users will be able to view streaming videos as they download. Accordingly, this feature has solely been featured for beta users only. This will allow users to play videos immediately without waiting for the download.
  • Animated GIF Image Support: Users will be able to send GIF through the attached file button that will open the device’s Gallery. Thus, they will be able to find the right GIF file to share to recipients.

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