Sunday 30 April 2017

What Is SSH ? HackProof ? Kya Hackers Isse Darrte Hai

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Dosto aaj hum baat karne wale hai SSH ke baare me ki ye kya hota hai and iska use kaha or kyo hota hai ?

To chaliye dekhte hai....

What Is SSH ?

Dosto SSH jise SECURE SHELL bhi kehte hai , ek esa protocol hai jiski help se hum ek computer se dusre computer ke saath encrypted way me communicate kar sakte hai...

Means ye ek esi tunnel hai jiski help se aap securely ek computer ko dusre computer se remotely access bhi kar sakte hai...

For example maan ligiye ki aapke paas ek computer and aapke dost ke paas bhi ek computer hai , dono LAN means ek WiFi se connected hai but USS WiFi se or bhi dost connected hai....

And ab aap or apka dost chahta hai ki dono aapas me communication kare but middle me koi uss message ko steal Na kare because sabhi ek hi WiFi se connected hai , to ho Sakta hai ki jab aap dono koi message share kare and aapka or koi dost Jo same WiFi se connected hai , man-in-the-middle attack jise MITM Attack bhi kehte hai , ko perform kare and aap dono ke private message vo bhi read karle .....

So iss drawback ko remove karne me liye ek esa protocol develop kiya gaya jisse ab aap or aapka dost ek esi tunnel se communication kar sakta hai Jo encrypted hoti hai ,, means aap Jo bhi message send karoge to vo first encrypted hoga the uski ek key aapke pass and and key aapke dost ke paas hogi jisse uss encrypted message ko decrypted kia ja sake....

Means agar kisi NE bich me data steal bhi karlia to go use decrypt nahi kar payega because uske paas key nahi hogi..

Hackers To Darenge Hi

Ab dosto jab data encrypted ho jata hai tab bechara hacker data steal karke bhi kya karega and Dosto bina key ke ho skta hai vo data ko decrypt kar bhi de but ESA karne me ho sakta hai use kai months or shayad 1 saal se bhi uppar lag jaye so it is so time consuming process.

Dosto me aasha karta hu ki aapko meri ye post achi lagi hogi mene jitna ho sake simple language me samjane ki koshish kari hai and agar aapko meri ye koshish achi lagi to plz ek comment to banta hai..😂😁
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Thursday 27 April 2017

(Hindi) How To Remotely Trace , Format And Lock Your Friends Phones Simple Trick

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Hax4Us Ka HackGyan
Dosto aaj hum baat karenge ek esi trick me baare me Jo hai to bahut hi easy but powerful bhi utni hai....

Sochiye agar koi aapka mobile bina touch kare format karde to.....

Aapki exact location pata karle to....

Yes , dosto esa possible hai and vo bhi bahut easy trick ke saath ....

Pre-requirements :-

  1. Aap jiska phone remotely access karna chahte hai uske phone me aapki gmail I'd login honi chahye.
  2. Internet On Hona Chaye.
  3. And thoda mind 😂😂
Now let's start....

Steps :-
  1. First aapko ye link open karna hai android device manager 
  2. Frr aapko apni gmail I'd login karni hai (agar pehle se hi login hai to skip this step)
  3. Then apki screen par unn sabhi devices ke naam show honge jinn devices me apki gmail I'd login hai. Jese niche screenshot me AQUA TREND phone ka naam show ho raha hai because meri I'd aqua trend me login hai.
  4. Then aapko ab 3 option show ho rahe honge -- First Ring Second Lock And Third is Format.
  5. So Now Aap uss device ko ring kar skate hai lock laga sakte hai...and format bhi kar sakte hai ....and upper map me exact location bhi dek sakte hai...
Dosto agar aapko ye post or trick achi lagi to plz ek comment to banta hai ....ab itna lazy mat bano...
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Wednesday 26 April 2017

If You Want To Be A Programmer So Don't Forget To Download AIDE App

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AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android apps directly on your Android device.

 Follow interactive coding lessons and step-by-step become an expert app developer. Visually design apps, write code with the feature rich editor with code completion, real-time error checking, refactoring and smart code navigation, run your app with a single click and use the Java debugger to find bugs.

AIDE supports building apps with Java/Xml and the Android SDK, apps with C/C++ and the Android NDK as well as pure Java console applications.

AIDE is fully compatible with Eclipse projects. You can just copy the sourcecode to your device and open the Eclipse project in AIDEto start coding. Alternatively you can keep your sourcecode on your Dropbox – AIDE integrates with Dropbox and allows to easily download from your Dropbox and sync back your changes. 

AIDE can also open Android Studio projects, which follow the default folder structure. AIDE also supports Git for professional development.

A brief summary of features…

Learn-to-code (in-app purchase):
– Interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions
– Java programming course
– Android development course
– Game development course
– Android Wear course
Edit-compile-run cycle:
– Create a sample App with a single click
– Build Java/Xml apps
– Build C/C++ NDK apps
– Build pure Java console applications
– Run your App with a single click
– No root access required
– Incremental compilation for fast build times
– Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility
– Open default Android Studio projects
– Integrated LogCat viewer
Debugger (in-app purchase):
– Debug Android Java apps and Java Console apps
– Breakpoints
– Step-in, step-over, step-out
– Inspect thread trace
– Inspect local variables
– Inspect object fields
Real-time error checking:
– Real time error analyis throughout the whole project as you type
– Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errors
UI design:
– Preview XML layouts
– Jump from view in the designer to the XML element
– Rename
– Inline variable
– Introduce variable
– Extract method
– Code formatter
– Organize imports
– Out-comment code
– Create setters/getters/constructors from fields
Code navigation:
– Goto defintion
– Find usages
– Goto symbol
– Goto class
– Very fast editor even with large files
– Code completion for Java and Android XML
– Android online help directly from the code
– Syntax highlighting for Java and XML
– Unlimited Undo/Redo
– Pinch zoom
– Smart expand selection
– Keyboard support with configurable keybindings
– UI optimized for small screens to show as much code/content as possible
– Built-in file manager with the most common features: Rename, delete, create file or folder
– Dropbox integration
– Git integration with Commit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSH support.

Note : In This Post , The AIDE App Is Cracked Version . 
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New Android Malware Infected 2 Million Google Play Store Users So Must Read And Check Your Phone

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Thanks To THN
Initially thought to be 600,000 users, the number of Android users who have mistakenly downloaded and installed malware on their devices straight from Google Play Store has reached 2 Million.

Yes, about 2 Million Android users have fallen victim to malware hidden in over 40 fake companion guide apps for popular mobile games, such as Pokémon Go and FIFA Mobile, on the official Google Play Store, according to security researchers from Check Point.

Dubbed FalseGuide by the Check Point researchers, the malware creates a "silent botnet out of the infected devices" to deliver fraudulent mobile adware and generate ad revenue for cybercriminals.

Nearly 2 Million Android Users Infected!

While initially it was believed that the oldest instance of FalseGuide was uploaded to the Google Play in February and made its way onto over 600,000 devices within two months, further in-depth analysis by researchers revealed more infected apps which date back to November 2016.
"Since April 24, when the article below was first published, Check Point researchers learned that the FalseGuide attack is far more extensive than originally understood," Check Point researchers wrote in a blog post.
"The apps were uploaded to the app store [Google Play Store] as early as November 2016, meaning they hid successfully for five months, accumulating an astounding number of downloads."

Russian connection with FalseGuide

Check Point researchers discovered five additional apps containing the FalseGuide malware on Google Play Store, developed by "Anatoly Khmelenko" (translated from Russian Анатолий Хмеленко).

Also, the first batch of malicious apps was submitted under the Russian names of two fake developers, Sergei Vernik and Nikolai Zalupkin, which suggests the malware is of Russian origin.

FalseGuide attempts to turn infected devices into a botnet that could allow its operator to control the devices without the knowledge of the device owners.

Here's How FalseGuide Works:


While downloading to the victim's phone, FalseGuide requests administrative permissions to the device in an attempt to avoid being deleted by the user.

The malware then registers itself with Firebase Cloud Messaging – a cross-platform messaging service that allows app developers to send messages and notifications.

Once subscribed to this service, FalseGuide can allow the attackers to send messages containing links to additional malware and install them to the infected device, enabling attackers to display illegitimate pop-up ads out of context and generate revenue.

Depending on their objectives, the attackers could also inject highly malicious code into an infected device to root it, conduct a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, or even penetrate private networks.

Google Removed the Malware hidden Apps, but are you Clean?

Check Point has provided a full list of malicious apps hiding FalseGuide, which posed as guides for FIFA Mobile, Criminal Case, Super Mario, Subway Surfers, Pokemon Go, Lego Nexo Knights, Lego City My City, Ninjago Tournament, Rolling Sky, Amaz3ing Spider-Man, Drift Zone 2, Dream League Soccer, and many more.

Check Point researchers notified Google about FalseGuide in February, after which the company silently removed the malware apps from the Play Store.

But despite being removed, the malicious apps are likely still active on a number of devices, leaving Android users open to cyber attacks.
"Mobile botnets are a growing trend since early last year, growing in both sophistication and reach," CheckPoint said. "This type of malware manages to infiltrate Google Play due to the non-malicious nature of the first component, which only downloads the actual harmful code."

How to Protect yourself against such Malware

There are standard protection measures you need to follow to remain unaffected:

  • Always download apps which are from trusted and verified developers and stick to trusted sources, like Google play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • Always verify app permissions before installing apps. If any app is asking more than what it is meant for, just do not install it.
  • Keep a good antivirus app on your device that can detect and block such malware before it can infect your device. Always keep the app up-to-date.
  • Do not download apps from third party source. Although in this case, the app is being distributed through the official Play Store, most often such malware are distributed via untrusted third-party app stores.
  • Avoid unknown and unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and Keep your Wi-Fi turned OFF when not in use.
  • Be careful which apps you give administrative rights to. Admin rights are powerful and can give an app full control of your device.
  • Never click on links in SMS or MMS sent to your mobile phone. Even if the email looks legit, go directly to the website of origin and verify any possible updates.
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