Thursday 2 January 2020

How To Enable Line Numbering In Vim In Termux

So line numbering is one of the cool feature of vim and it feels like a IDE. But it doesn't come by default and unfortunately many beginners are not aware from this feature.

Let's Enable it Then :)

Steps :-

  1. First we have to create a file named .vimrc in home directory of termux. vi ~/.vimrc ( if you have this file already , just skip this step )
  2. Now just write a simple line :set number
  3. Save & exit from vim by just pressing ESC and then two times Z ( in upper case )
  4. Done :) 
Checkout this tutorial to use your VIM like a pro

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Thursday 26 September 2019

How To Install Termux In Sdcard , Is It Really Possible ?


Hey guys, I know you are here because you want to install your little hackbox in sdcard. But unfortunately it's not possible.l :(

So why did I created this post ?

Because many of you guys are crawling Google to know the trick and I am here to stop your time wast crawling. You deserve the truth.

Well why is it not possible ?

It's because your sdcard is mounted as FAT with noexec flag ( noexec means no execution ) which prevents execution of any file or binary. But in older versions of android like lolipop we can remount our sdcard without noexec flag but remember that it will only work in some old devices but wait ..  why it will not work in new devices and Android versions ? It's because of the new protected file system i.e FUSE. Just search it on Google and you will get it.


It's not possible to install termux in sdcard , at least it's true for new devices and Android versions.

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Sunday 22 September 2019

Best Tmux-Bunch Alternative : Apkmod ( A New Project From Hax4Us )

Well guys i know Tmux-Bunch is awesome , actually it was :(.
But wait , it's not end of the earth and I am here with a new way to decompile, recompile and ( the hot feature ) bind payloads.

So let's come to the point now ;)

Requirements :

Installation Steps :
  • First goto home directory cd $HOME
  • Get the setup script wget
  • Execute the script  sh
  • Now you can execute command apkmod
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Sunday 15 September 2019

Install YCM or YouCompleteMe in Termux

Hey GeeKs I hope you are doing great and I am here to make your day more great :)

So if you are a coder and a big fan of terminal then I am damn sure you don't use bulky IDE's for your coding work but yes I know IDE's have cool features like auto completion , debugging etc. But who said we can't have these features in our terminal ;)

Requirements :

Steps to be followed :
  • Install YouCompleteMe Plug-In in vim. If you have it already then great , otherwise follow recording ( given below )
  • Now we will have to compile or build YouCompleteMe libraries in order to make it workable. For compiling , paste commands one by one 
  • You will have to create a conf file in your working directory ( root of your source tree) which is required by YCM to know the language in which you are writing your program 
  • Now we have ycm installed properly now you can test it by easily creating a .C file or program and see magic like my recording.
Tips :

  • Use Ctrl+Space for Auto-Completion 
  • For exit , Press ESC then two times Z in capital
  • You will have to create separate conf files for your different projects.

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