Sunday 21 February 2021

Install Termuxblack In Termux



It is unoficial repository maintained by me @hax4us and for list of available packages that you can install click here

Requirements : 

  • Termux 

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update

  • Just download installer script
  • wget

  • Now run it
  • bash

    So congratulations you have TermuxBlack installed. You can me on Telegram also
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Thursday 18 February 2021

Download Instagram Reel With DReel App



Hey guys so lets see how can we download instagram reel with DReel App.

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • Download DReel App from above link and install it.
  • After installing it just open and you will see a interface like this

  • Now copy URL of instagram reel like this

  • After then put URL and name of video ( name can be anything without suffix .mp4 ) 

  • Now press on Download button and wait for some seconds, then you will get your video saved into folder DReel in sdcard.
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Saturday 23 January 2021

Hack Facebook With Nodemcu and Android


What can be the effective way of phising ? 

Lots of ideas are in your mind :) So in my.

I think the best way would be "Using Hotspot".

Just Turn On your Hotspot and wait for voracious guys ( in my locality there are many )

So when victim will connect to Our Hotspot , "A fake login page of Facebook or whatever you like" will open automatically in browser, and if victim want to use your Internet then he will have to enter asked credentials  just like Any Public WiFi.

**And this technique can also be used for WiFi Hacking.**

But this type of hack just from your Android device is currently not possible ( except rooted devices ) 

But We can use some sort of WiFi module to achieve it. 

Usually we don't have rooted devices and hence later method is suitable for everyone.

Requirements : 

All Steps Are In Given Video 

Download/Watch Video

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Sunday 13 December 2020

Bind RAT/L3MON/LEMON With Any Android App


 Hey guys so today i am sharing a easy way to bind L3MON/LEMON in any Android App just from your termux :) 

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • First update and upgrade your termux 
  • apt update && apt upgrade

  • Now install apkmod2 by a simple apt command
  • apt install apkmod2

  • Now just bind your lemon by a simple command
  • apkmod2 -i /path/to/original.apk
So congratulations you have binded lemon and you can copy or move binded app from location ~/lemon/L3MON_binded.apk

Some Useful Videos Regarding lemon

Install Lemon In Termux

Setup Lemon on WAN

Bind lemon with app

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