Friday 26 March 2021

Add Extra Keys In Termux

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 Extra keys are very important for everyone ( specially for programmers ).

So lets add Extra keys in Termux :)

Steps :

  • First download a file
  • wget

  • Now move it into directory ~/.termux
  • mv ~/.termux

  • Exit from termux and open again.

  • So congratulations you have Extra Keys Now. 
    You can join me on Telegram also
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Wednesday 17 March 2021

HaxPot A Social Engineering Tool


 HaxPot is a kind of social engineering tool ( for NodemcU ) which can create a fake AP or hotspot from which your greedy victims can connect in order to surf free internet :)

When a victim connects to our fake AP then he will be redirected to fake login page ( login page can be configured via Admin Panel Of HaxPot ) 

So when a victim put his credentials into our fake login Page then credentials will be saved in nodemcu local storage.

You want to see it in action ? Or you want to see installation and configuration guide of haxPot then Ok so click here 

Useful Links

Note :- haxpot is a flashable bin file for Nodemcu

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Monday 8 March 2021

Install FTP server in Termux


 I found some folks are struggling while installing FTP SERVER in Termux so  i decided to write a post for it :)

So lets install FTP server in Termux :)

Requirements : 

  • Termux

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update && apt upgrade

  • Now let's install FTP server
  • apt install pure-ftpd

  • Now let's run FTP server 
  • pure-ftpd --bind 8080

    So congratulations you have FTP server running at and port 8080. You can Join me on Telegram also
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Sunday 21 February 2021

Install Ruby 2/Ruby 2.7.2/ Ruby 2.7 In Termux


After recent ruby update some packages are not working like metasploit so i compiled and hosted older ruby version in my repository Termuxblack.

So lets downgrade ruby in Termux :)

Requirements : 

Steps :

  • First update your termux 
  • apt update

  • Now remove ruby3 if installed (skip this step if you don't have ruby3)
  • apt remove ruby

  • Now just install ruby2
  • apt install ruby2

    So congratulations you have Ruby2 installed. You can me on Telegram also
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