Step 3: Upload the files to web host 
Go to 000webhost page we signed up before. (hope you didn’t close it)
Click on Upload now button.

Now the file manager will open up.
(If it showing login error then just log out the account and login again with your email and pass)
Open the public_html folder.
Click the new folder icon on the top right side.

Type the folder name as desktop_files and click create button.

Now open the desktop_files folder and click the Upload files button on the top right side.

Click the Select files and navigate to the downloaded desktop_files folder and select all the files inside it 
Then click open.

click upload button.

Now go back to public_html folder by clicking the folder name in the left side bar.
Again click Upload files button and select the 4 files.
(desktop.jpg, index.phpmobile.jpgmobile_detect.php)
Click upload button.
Make sure you have uploaded the 4 files and 1 folder inside public_html folder as same as the below screen shot.

Now Let’s go to mzzhost and upload the remaining 2 files there. (d_data.php, m_data.php)
Go to mzzhost control panel page we are logged in before.
Or Log in here:
Open the online file manager icon under the files section.

open the htdocs folder.
Delete the index2.html file inside it. (If exist )
Click the Upload button on the top left.
Click the choose file button on the left side .
Select the d_data.php and m_data.php files one by one. (this is the files we are modified before)
Click the green tick to upload the files.
Click the back button.
Now we have uploaded the 2 files inside the htdocs folder as shown below screen shot.

okay, upload completed.
Now let’s check the page .
Go to your 000webhost url,
In my case it is
It is working , type something in the email and password filed and click login.
To see the email and pass you entered go to your mzzhost url and add users.html at the end of it.
My url is: