Tuesday 28 February 2017

Footprinting As A Hacker Tool Explained By Hax4Us (Hindi-English)

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Dosto Aaj TechGyan In Hindi Me Me Apko Bataunga Ki FootPrinting Kya Hoti Hai And Hackers Kese Iska Use Karte Hai Hacking Ke Liye......

Footprinting (also known as reconnaissance) is the technique used for gathering information about computer systems and the entities they belong to. To get this information, a hacker might use various tools and technologies. This information is very useful to a hacker who is trying to crack a whole system.

Dosto Upper Mene Footprinting Ki definition di hai and Isse Aapko pata chal gaya hoga ki footprinting kya hoti hai ...

Footprinting Kuch nahi ek process hai jisme koi bhi hacker apne victim ke baare me all information gather karta hai...

And kisi ki information gather karne ke liye bahut saari techniques and tools hai jisse hum successful footprinting kar sakte hai.
And Kuch Tools And Techniques Ke Baare Me aapko Bataunga :-
  1. Maan Lijiye Aapko Ek Site hack karni hai to aapko sabse pehle uss site ke baare me full info honi chahye , To iske liye aap https://whois.com Par ja sakte hai ,, ye No.1 site hai Jo internet par available almost sites ki information gather karti hai. Mene Ek screenshot bhi attach kara hai jisme mene Facebook ki all detail nikali hai whois.com se.aap bhi try kare and enjoy kare.
  1. Whois.com
  1. Dosto aap maan lijiye ki aapko SQL attack karna hai to aapko website ki all detail honi chaye like uss site pe total post ya total pages kitne hai , iske liye aap sitemap.xml file ko search kar sakte hai. "Sitemap.XML file vo file hoti jisme kisi bhi site ke content ki all information hoti hai and isi file ki help se google bhi kisi bhi site ki files ya pages ya post access ya search karta hai ". To Aapko karna ye hai ki aapko jisse site ki content info chaye uss site ke URL ke last me sitemap.xml type kare...for example me apni site www.Hax4Us.Blogspot.in ka sitemap nikalna chahu to muje apni site "www.Hax4Us.blogspot.in/sitemap.xml" search karni hogi .Aap bhi try karke deke.
  1. Ek PC ka software bhi aata jiska name hai " ANUBIS " .Aap ise download karke bhi footprinting Kar sakte hai.

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Sunday 26 February 2017

Scripting For Hacker Starting From Today (Hax4Us)

Dosto Muje Personal Me Bahut Saare Messages Aaye The Ki Sir Aap Bash Script Pe Koi Tutorial Kyo Ni Start Karte ....

So Today I Am Decided To Start A Program Or New Article About Bash Scripting For Hackers.

In These Tutorials , We Will Study About Bash Scripting , What Is This And How To Create Our Own Script To Automate Any Task .

And Keep In Mind That It Is Like A Advanced Tool For Any Hacker .

Each Saturday I Will Clear One Concept On Bash Scripting And One Day You Will Be A Great Hacker ...But It Is Very Important For Newbies That Please Keep Patience And Daily Practice At Least 1 Hour In A Day.

Types of Shells

A shell is an interface between the user and the operating system. This enables us to run commands, programs, manipulate files, etc.
There are a number of different shells available for Linux. These include the Korn shell, the Z shell, the C shell, and the Bourne again shell (or BASH).

As the BASH shell is available on nearly all Linux and UNIX distributions (including Mac OS X, BackTrack, and Kali), we will be using the BASH shell, exclusively.
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Note 2 :- I Am Getting Confuse That In Which Language , I Should Create Tutorials So Please Leave Your Comments Cum Votes ..Only Type Your Comfort Language Like English Or Hindi..
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Programming Vs Scripting Explained By Hax4Us

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What are Scripting Languages?

scripting languages and programming languages are not that different, actually. both are made to execute instructions on a computer. but there still are some key differences: scripting languages (like Bash, Python..) are mainly designed to automate certain operations or tasks(especially Bash). a lot of hackers use Python to write exploits scripting languages like python can have an extensive amount of functionality, but scripting languages have one big downside: they are slow. that is because unlike programming languages, scripts are interpreted, meaning that the program executes command per command, rather than throwing all commands together and translating it to machine code.

What Are Programming Languages?

programming languages are somewhat the opposite of scripting languages. programs are a lot faster than scripts because they get compiled. which means that the code gets translated to 1's and 0's and is able to interact directly with the CPU. this isn't the case with Python. Then again, programming languages also have a downside. they lack the flexibility offered by scripting languages. this doesn't mean that programming languages can't do much, however.


programming and scripting languages are different from eachother. there is no white and black when it comes to programming vs scripting. the perfect balance is using scripts and programs together. when you need to automate tasks, use a scripting language. when you need to make something fast, like an SSH password cracker, you should make it using C or C++
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A Liitle Introduction To BoTnet & RAT (Hax4Us)

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Hello everyone. I'm lokesh (devil) and i've been around for a while learning from various tutorials, expanding my knowledge and this is one of the best platforms for newbies to sharpen the skills.

Botnets :

A botnet is a collection of compromised machines for the use of (Distributed) Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS). Consider this as an army of compromised systems used to create havoc.
The botnets are usually controlled by IRC channels and HTTP protocols. The systems are compromised and then used for massive DDOS on websites or trigger a 0day exploit.

RATs :

RAT - Remote administration tool. A RAT is malicious malware software that runs on your computer. It gives access to a hacker when he wants to steal information from you or install other malicious software. Basically, if a RAT is installed in the system, the hacker has complete power over it. He can either keylog the passwords or steal confidential information.
The RATs are usually detected by antivirus unless its crypted or binded with other files. There are some legal RATs like Teamviewer which help in numerous ways and then there are several illegal RATs which help in all kind of malicious activities, some notable ones are ZeuS, Spynet.
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