Sunday 26 February 2017

Programming Vs Scripting Explained By Hax4Us

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What are Scripting Languages?

scripting languages and programming languages are not that different, actually. both are made to execute instructions on a computer. but there still are some key differences: scripting languages (like Bash, Python..) are mainly designed to automate certain operations or tasks(especially Bash). a lot of hackers use Python to write exploits scripting languages like python can have an extensive amount of functionality, but scripting languages have one big downside: they are slow. that is because unlike programming languages, scripts are interpreted, meaning that the program executes command per command, rather than throwing all commands together and translating it to machine code.

What Are Programming Languages?

programming languages are somewhat the opposite of scripting languages. programs are a lot faster than scripts because they get compiled. which means that the code gets translated to 1's and 0's and is able to interact directly with the CPU. this isn't the case with Python. Then again, programming languages also have a downside. they lack the flexibility offered by scripting languages. this doesn't mean that programming languages can't do much, however.


programming and scripting languages are different from eachother. there is no white and black when it comes to programming vs scripting. the perfect balance is using scripts and programs together. when you need to automate tasks, use a scripting language. when you need to make something fast, like an SSH password cracker, you should make it using C or C++
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