Monday 6 February 2017

All About C Part-1 In Hindi-We Proud To Be A Programmer (Hax4Us)

C Language Is A Programming Language And In This Post We(Hax4Us) Are Going To Teach All Basic Things Of C Language In Hindi.

Why in Hindi ?
Because hindi is our mother tongue and we can easily understand everything in Hindi than English ..

To Me Apko C k Baare Me Btaunga Or Ye bhi btaunga ki aapko kaha se starting krni h taki aap easily understand kr ske.


  1. Sabse pehle apko ye janna hoga ki programmes kya hote h and uska use kaha or kyo hota h .
  2. Second hum ye smjege ki 'C' programs ko bnane me kin kin tools ka use hota h.
  3. Third hum ye smjege ki kisi bhi program ko bnane k baad use run kese krte h.
So All About C Part-1 me uppr diye gye steps k baare me pdege .

Q-1 What Is Programs ?
And:- Program is nothing but a set of instructions. Means program vo hote h jink dwara hum computer ko instructions dete h kisi bhi specific work ko complete krne k liye mtlb humare dwara computer ko diye gye instructions ka set program hota h.
Programs ka use software bnane ya computer ko directly instructions dene k liye hota h.

Q-2 Which types Of Tools Are Used In C Language ?
And:- C language me basically kuch predefined keywords , identifiers , functions use hote h.
Keywords:- keyword is nothing but a prereserved word that are use in c programs. Mtlb keyword vo words hote h jinka meaning pehle se hi defined h mtlb bss hum inhe apne programs me use kr skte h kyoki ye pehle se hi defined to hum inme koi change ni kr skte .Jb hum program bnayege to apko jyada better smj aa jayega.

Identiers:- Identification is a process of giving a name to any variable or constant 
Mtlb ye ek process jisme hum kisi bhi variable ya constant ko ek naam dete h jisse hum use pehchan ske.

Variables :- variable memory jaha hum apna data store krte h programs me. Variable ki value hum kbi bhi change kr skte h.

Constant :- constant bhi memory h jaha h apna data store krte h but iski value ek baar assign krne k baad change ni hoti.

Operators :- Operators vo symbols hote h jinka use kisi specific work ko krn k liye kia jata h. operators ka use kia jata h jese ki 2+2
Isme '+' operator ka use kia gya h and ye operator jinke bich use ho RHA h vo operands h. Mtlb jb hume 2 and 2 ko add krna tha tb humne '+' operator ka use kra .

Q-3 How Can We Run C Programs ?
And:- C programs bnane k baad ab Hume need hoti h ki hum usko run kre taki Jo bhi instructions hum computer ko dena chahte h vo computer ko mil jaye. To sabse pehle kisi bhi program ko run krane k liye Hume use compile krna pdta h jisk liye Hume ek compiler ki need hoti h.
Compiler : - Compiler ek translater ka kaam karta h kyoki aap abhi jante h ki computer ki Jo language h vo machine language hoti h means vo sirf binary digits (0 and 1) ko hi read kr skta h but hum Jo program bnate h vo to binary digits me ni hote to compiler humare program ko translate krdeta h machine language me taki computer humare program ko read kr ske .
So jink pas PC (Computer) h vo ek compiler download kr skte h ..
Turbo C++ is most popular and best compiler and highly recommended by Hax4Us.
Agr aapk pas computer ni h to tention mt lijiye aap apne android mobile me bhi programs compile and run kr skte ho.
Iss Link P Click Kre Or Jane Android Me Programs ko Run Krane Ka tarika Click Here

All About C Part-1 Me Humne Basic Theories And Concepts Pde.

Ab All About C Part-2 Me hum programs bnayege. 
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