Tuesday 7 February 2017

All About C Part-2 In Hindi - We Proud To Be A Programmer (Hax4Us)


AAC(All About C) k Part-1 me humne kuch basic concepts learn kre because kisi bhi program ko bnane se pehle ye basic things Hume pta honi chaye. To chlo ab Part-2 me kuch concepts clear kre :-

Steps :-

  1.  Ab hum samjege ki program kse bnate h
  2. Frr hum ye bhi smjege ki Hume program bnate samay kin kin bato ka dhyan rkna h

First Program 

Hum ab ek program bnayege Jo kisi bhi two numbers ko add krega.
Maan lijiye ki humare paas do numbers h 5 and 2 or ab Hume inn dono ko add krna h :-


int a , b,c;
printf("Sum is %d",c);

So this is very basic program. Isme apne bahut si esi chize deki Jo apne part-1 me bhi ni pdi to m apko apni video me step wise btata hu ki inn SB ka meaning kya h. Part-2 ko three videos me divide kiya gaya h

Click Here To Watch Part-2(Like Our Video)
Click Here To Watch Part-2.A
Click Here To Watch Part-2.B

Ab hum Part-3 me operators ko deeply smjege because operator most important h kisi bhi program k liye.

Note :- Agr apko koi bhi problem h to aap comment box me puch skte h

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