Friday 17 February 2017

How To Use Steganography On Android (Hax4Us)

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Requirements :-

  1. Android Mobile 
  2. Steganography App (Click Here To Download)

Steps :-

  1. First Install The Steganography App And Open
  2. Second Click On "Tap Here To Load An Image" And Select Any Image Steganography is data hidden within data. Steganography is an encryption technique that can be used along with cryptography as an extra-secure method in which to protect data.
  3. Now Click On Encode And Type Any Message To Hide behind Image.
  4. Now Encode And Save. 
Note:- If Anybody Want To See Hide Message In Image So He Must Has Steganography Application And Select The Image And Tap On Decode. If Anybody Faced Problems You Can Comment Or Ask Me :-9990800493(don't call only WhatsApp)
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